5 Extremely Inappropriate Toddler Activities


inappropriate toddler activitiesThere are a lot of things you can do to entertain a toddler. Laugh like a monkey, tickle him, turn on Curious George, or even swing him by his arms around the living room. Okay, that last one maybe not so much, but at least I know when I'm being inappropriate to the point of pulling my son's arms out of their sockets. 

Some parents just don't quite get the whole "keep your kids alive" part of the job, as seen in recent news stories. Like the dad in Iowa who is now facing serious consequences for pulling an incredibly stupid move. This guy thought it was a good idea to take his kids on go-kart rides, including his toddler. And now his toddler is in the hospital, condition unknown, after he and his 2-year-old son crashed his go-kart into a parked truck.

Since it's clear some parents really don't know how to keep their children safe, here are five more activities that are not, never have been, and never will be appropriate to do with your toddler.

1. Hunting

I don't care if you kill what you eat, guns around toddlers is idiotic and should be criminal.

2. Driving

A toddler should be in her car seat, not the driver's seat. And especially not when you've rigged blocks so she can hit the brakes and gas and drive on a busy road.

3. Getting Wasted

Do it by yourself? Sure, if you aren't responsible for taking care of anyone in that moment. Blowing weed into your toddler's face, or getting a 4-year-old drunk? Please don't stop on your way to jail.

4. Boob Jobs

No toddler needs fake boobs, or to be in a pageant, for that matter.

5. Disney World, When You're Crazy

Even a sane person can reach the end of her rope at Disney World. Clearly this mom was neither sane nor should she be a mother. Luckily, beating your child in public also has consequences. Can you imagine what goes on at home?


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witch... witchkiss

One of my earliest memories is being approximately three years old and riding in a go-cart with an older child.  It was at the sitter's house, and the older child was the grandson of the sitter. There were no helmets and it was a fun ride in a circle in a cow pasture.  Somehow, I survived.

banan... banana-bear

My husband's childhood friend died at the ripe age of 10 (my husband saw the whole thing, very traumatic for him) when he ran a go-kart into the back of a truck in their neighborhood. It was my husband's go-kart and he feels partial guilt for letting his friend drive it. But really, where were all the parents? 10 year olds do NOT need to be in go-karts unsupervised. I cannot imagine ever thinking it would be ok to let a toddler in one.

Katyldf Katyldf

I have to disagree with the hunting, we went from when we were 3 on with my dad!  It was exciting (not like he let us use the gun, we just sat in the hunting blind)  If we didn't behave we didn't get to go again. 

Heather Swagga

I also disagree with the hunting/guns no-no. There's a reason they make GUN SAFES!! With locks or combos that a toddler can't use. Because it's a way to keep your guns and toddler SAFE!!! Sure, for your average idiot who leaves guns where ever guns should be a no-go, but for most Americans who like to enjoy the 2nd amendment, gun safes work just fine

Roses... Rosesandlilys

You are biased and judgemental. Im not saying I agree or disagree with you, im just telling you how this article comes off. I mean Disney world? Babies go to disney world. My toddler would love it. This article is just ridiculous.

Stephanie Hayes

 A few to add.... my step-father thinks it's O.K. to teach my 2 year old to "fill" a lit wood stove while drunk. He also thinks it's O.K. to take her out on a four-wheeler, no helmet included, while he is wasted. These are just a couple things that I am astounded by. I have since forbid her to go there, but still. Why would anyone, regardless of being wasted, think these things are O.K. They are VERY DANGEROUS. But, I have since been pegged as ruining my daughters fun and blah blah. Sorry, I choose my child's life over "fun"!

Photo... Photomom89

Disney? really? It isn't that bad. My parents used to take all three of us Kids to Disney all the time (I grew up in Orlando) and we LOVED it. We never died. Iremember going one time when I was 7, which would make my sister 2. 

easun... easunshine

For those who don't understand her Disney reference, you should read the linked article. She is specifically saying you should not take your child to disney world if you are crazy. the linked post is about the woman who beat her child in the middle of disney world. nothing about that says you shouldn't take your toddlers to disney world at all, just not if you're the crazy type.

Crims... CrimsonRain

The fact that people need to be warned about these activities is a true testament to the frightful reality that it is far too easy to breed.

Erin Williams

To be fair, watching a kid in a go cart and having them ride in a go cart without watching them would end up the same way if the child wrecked and broke its neck. You'd either see it or you wouldnt, just watching wouldn't prevent the accident. Perhaps it should be phrased that no child at 10 should drive a go cart

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