‘Toddlers & Tiaras’ Shows Fake Boobs on a 4-Year-Old (VIDEO)


Maddy JacksonWith its sexed-up, makeup-caked, glittery little girls who look a lot like stereotypical hookers, Toddler and Tiaras has been appalling us with the torture parents put their little beauty queens through in the name of a crown (and a mother's warped validation) for two years now. Last night, however, the show sunk to lows lower than anyone would have thought possible when they showed a 4-year-old strutting across the stage with fake breasts.

Yes, Miss Maddy Jackson from Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, left viewers shocked when she took her Dolly Parton emulating performance way, way too far. Oh, and to make it even better, not only was her chest stuffed -- she wore butt enhancements too. Suddenly some spray tanning and flippers seem pretty innocent. If you think you can handle it, check her out in action after the jump.

That poor baby. She has no idea who Dolly Parton is or why she's being subjected to such looks by those around her. Nor should she. I'm a huge fan of Dolly's, and there's a lot more to her than her boobs. If this girl wanted to sing her songs, fine, but there was no need to go this far.

Her mom tried to explain just why she thinks this is okay:

To some people, it's over the top, to us it's just what happens ... It's just normal. When she wears the fake boobs and the fake butt, it's just like extra bonus.

It's so NOT normal, and there's no bonus for anyone except this woman's ego as she lives vicariously through her daughter with no regard for the messages she's sending her and what they'll mean to her down the line.

While one of the biggest complaints about the show from sane people is that it sexualizes little girls, it can be a bit murky where that begins and ends. There is no murkiness here when you make a 4-year-old wear fake boobs and a fake butt. And yes, she's clearly been made to wear them. Did you see how embarrassed she looked when someone pointed them out.

Even more disturbing about pageants in general is the fact that the judges loved it. One said she was “cute” with the “little stuffing” and that she “looked the part.” She won "Best Fashion." After seeing so many unbelievable things on this show, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that anyone would condone such a thing, but wow am I ever.

Would you ever let a toddler wear fake boobs and a fake butt? For ANY reason?

Image via TLC

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Sarah Keys

No. It's stupid. Let kids be kids. Why is that so hard for some parents to do?

momav... momavanessa

No! I feel sorry for that kid!! What was her parents thinking?! Idiots!!

L1558 L1558

Maybe on Halloween.

Otherwise, NO.

I hate pageants.

parri... parrishsky

I can't believe a parent would be okay with this and shame on the pageant that allows it.

The whole thing (pageants) makes me ill.

ChicH... ChicHippie

I'm from TN and I'm ashamed of that at the moment. That is ri-freakin-diculous. *shudder*

Lovem... Lovemykidstw

That mom should have her a$$ kicked! I can understand maybe at home playing around putting balls in your shirt pretending to have boobies, because I did when I was little, but actually going out in public like that, he// no! Why on earth would a parent intentually sexualize their child?? Idiots!!

Kayla Haworth

 I was watching it & I was disgusted by what I saw. The episode before that, a mother didn't like her daughter's eye color, so she made her wear color contacts. The whole time, the girl was saying she didn't want them. Then, the little girl said "are they supposed to be blurry?". She couldn't see for crying out loud!

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