Gwyneth Paltrow Lets Her Kids Call Grandma by Unusual Name


gwyneth paltrow, blythe danner, apple martinGwyneth Paltrow, Blythe Danner & Apple MartinApart from the fact that we both have two children (older girl, younger boy), a weakness for hot musicians, and an obsession with pricey cosmetics (she can afford them, I can't), Gwyneth Paltrow and I don't exactly live parallel lives. But apparently there is one quirky -- and in my opinion, super cute -- tradition of sorts that both of our families share.

Our kids call their grandmothers by names they made up themselves -- before they really even learned to talk! Neither my mom nor Paltrow's eternally elegant mother, Blythe Danner, has ever been called "Grandma" or "Gran" or "Nana" ...

According to Danner, she was christened Lalo (lah-lo) by her first grandchild, Apple Martin, who was seated in a highchair at the time.

Danner and Apple were having one of those classic conversations we all have with barely-talking babies, when we ask them to identify objects and people around them: Who's that? Is that Mommy? What's that? Is that your sippy cup? and so on.

Then Danner asked Apple the million-dollar question: "Who am I?"

"Lalo," Apple answered, then proceeded to laugh hysterically.

Seven years later, Danner is still "Lalo" (Apple's little brother Moses calls her that, too).

Basically, the story of how my daughter Charlotte named my mother is identical, except for the moniker she came up with: Maga (mah-gah).

Ten years later, Charlotte and her little brother Julian still call their grandmother Maga.

I wouldn't have it any other way. It's cute, and unique, and doesn't automatically evoke the matronly gray-haired stereotype, which my mother is not and never wants to be. Plus, I named my grandmother in exactly the same fashion when I was a toddler: Biku (bye-koo). 

And Biku she was to our entire family for the next 34 years, until the day she passed away.

I can't wait to see what my grandchildren call me ...

What do your kids call their grandmother?


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Sarah Keys

My son's only 8 months, but I refer to my parents as "Gramma" and "Grampa". My husband's mother is Grandma Deb, and my husband's grandparents are Pah-paw (that's how they pronounce it..not sure about the spelling) and Nana. We're boring. :P

nonmember avatar Jay

I can't stand people who refer to their grandfather as Pap.

dirti... dirtiekittie

my kids have quite a few grandparents - my mil is "mama blanca" for the traditional hispanic name (mama and then their first name). except NONE of the kids can pronounce it right when they're little, so they all call her "ma wonka" (which cracks me up!). my fil is just 'grandpa' but they don't see him often. my mom & stepdad are "grammy" and "grampy" (which sounds like "crampy" to me but my mom liked them and wanted the kids to call them that) and then my dad& stepmom (i told you! lol) are "grandpa & grandma". oh, and there's "great grandpa" in there too when they see my grandfather.

BUT, when i was a kid, i named my grandparents (father's parents) myself in the same way. when i was small, i started calling them Minner (grandma) and Pitter (grandpa). my family has no idea how it came about, but my Minner had that name by all of us until she passed, and i *still* call my grandfather "Pitter". :)

L1558 L1558

Dude what did you expect? She named her kid Apple, for heaven's sake :o)

Ashleigh Munson

We taught Grandma and Granpa. Turned into Ama and Papa, lol, and they LOVE IT! It's special :-)

marie... mariesmama

nana grandma betty died in april hubbys moms nana all her grandaughters call her that

nonmember avatar Stacey

Papaw and Mamaw FTW

Lindsey Hemphill

We have a Nana, Paw, Granny and PawPaw, but my kids have changed them to Nini, Paws, Gran and Pop......I had a Poppy and GinnyMo. My nephew started calling me YaYa before he was even a year old and I love it! My girls call my sis and bil LuLu and Jones. I think it's so special when they come up with their own "handles" for people!

nonmember avatar Nae

My nephew when he was 1-2 was only able to say Nama and that is what she is even now that he is 4 and to the new one we have coming in october. She will now forever be Nama


My mom- JoJo (Joanne)

DHs mom- Bella

My great grandmother? The original Gaga, born 1909

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