'My Kid Said That': 15 Moms Share Funny Kid Quotes


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There's no denying that kids say the darnedest things. Sometimes they say such insanely smart and witty things, it makes me wonder if I've taught them TOO much and TOO well. Other times, they really terrify me with their extreme honesty (see above). And sometimes, well, sometimes when they blurt out something totally weird or embarrassing, I just steer the grocery cart the other direction quickly and pretend that kid who just said that really strange thing isn't mine. Is that so wrong?

We were dying to hear what hilarious or oddball things your kids had come up with lately, so we started another hashtag game on Twitter. Lots of moms shared their kids' latest verbal gems under the #MyKidSaidThat hashtag. Here are 15 of the funniest kid quotes from mom readers.

Maura CrabassMcGonkl
MauraCrabassMcG Maura CrabassMcGonkl
3 y.o. says something silly, we laugh. She blurts: Don't tell the Facebook! #MyKidSaidThat
Maggie Lamond Simone
MagLamondSimone Maggie Lamond Simone
I announce earlier bedtimes and the girl calls out, "I'm Sophie and I did not approve this message!" Damn political ads. #MyKidSaidThat
The Stir
The_Stir The Stir
Me: What do you want to do today? My kid: Play! And fart! #MyKidSaidThat
Heather Guymon
MamaGuymon Heather Guymon
"Only mommies and girls have babies...boys and daddies just sit and watch." #MyKidSaidThat
Angie Jackson
baakrjacks Angie Jackson
I went to lunch with my sister and when she handed my daughter her meal my daughter said "what the hell is this?" #MyKidSaidThat
Dali Lisa
DaliLisa Dali Lisa
Minnesota was named after a drink. Cuz soda is a drink. #MyKidSaidThat
Sasha Brown-Worsham
sashabrownworsh Sasha Brown-Worsham
"Mommy! I do like beans! My favorite beans are the jelly ones!" #MyKidSaidThat
Kristina LaCourse
stelladotkris Kristina LaCourse
Grandma? Where are your boobies? #MyKidSaidThat.
Maggie Sherman
maggiesherman Maggie Sherma
When no one is at the door, it's nobody and when someone IS at the door it's "yesbuddy". #MyKidSaidThat
My 4 year old told my 17 year old brother to pull up his pants like a normal person. #mykidsaidthat
Em Elle
"Mom, I'm glad you decided to grow up to be grown up and became my mom." #mykidsaidthat #backhandedcompliment
Bethany Ranford
MamaBear815 Bethany Ranford
After mommy and daddy were 'overheard' in the shower, my son (4yo at the time) said "Are you guys tap dancing in there?" #MyKidSaidThat
Cynthia Dermody
whimsydancer Cynthia Dermody
"Mommy, why are you watching that show, it's so inappropriate" -- my 8 YO, who I THOUGHT was playing video games #MyKidSaidThat
itsnancyv Nancy
"I'm a fancy cowgirl bordering on princess." -E #MyKidSaidThat
JeanneSager jeannesager
When I told her I didn't know her dad in kindergarten so she should wait to pick a husband: "Daddy's already married!" #MyKidSaidThat

To play along on Twitter, tweet a funny, weird, or crazy thing your kid said lately and tag it with #MyKidSaidThat -- or simply share your kid quotes right here in the comments below. We always love a good laugh around here.

What funny, weird, or crazy thing has your kid said lately?


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Amanda Cox

My youngest daughter was upset that I had to work one day, and I told her that I have to go to pay the rent. My oldest told her that otherwise we would live in a cardboard box. my youngest thought a moment and said " can i at least have my own cardboard box?" LOL

nonmember avatar Amber

My friends daughter (Camrynn, 4yrs old) to her mother: "Truth or dare?" My friend: "I don't like that game." Camrynn: "I dare you to take us to the beach!!!''

mommix4 mommix4

My 5yr old dd asked me is the word asshole was a bad word I said yes it so you shouldn't say that. She tells me " what the hell I can't say anything" really don't know where she gets it from!

nonmember avatar shadow wheeler

My son and i were driving in the country and he spotted a field of billy goats. He started bouncing in his seat and said "mom look at the eddie goats! Can we stop and touch them?!?!"

Mommy... MommyofDestiny

I was dog sitting a treeing walker coonhound and when my 7 yr old first seen the dog she goes "omg mom that dog looks like a basset hound on stilts" lol

Nanixh Nanixh

Pulling into the driveway last week, a brown colored car was waiting to go around us. My 5 year old asked me 'why is that car brown?'. I told her I wasn't sure, that's probably the way the factory painted it. She then tells me 'the car is brown like my ass'. Oh boy. 

Ashley R Johnson

My 4 year old daughter said to me.. "Mommy, when I grow up, I want big boobies like yours."

Jenny... JennyG0929

We were on a pontoon boat on a river tour, the guide was pointing out gators, turtles, etc.

It was really quiet at one point, we were just trolling and my 3 year old yells "Holy Shit, look at that shark". Obviously there was no shark and I got the dirtiest looks from the other people on the boat.

Nikki Espinoza

i told my 3 year old to the door ans she yelled back " I did shut the damn door " when i said you dont say damn she replied " Well i did shut the damn door "

Jenni... JenniferFallaw

My daughter ran through the kitchen when she was six..Farted and then ran off..I called her back in to tell her that was not lady like when she ripped one again..She said "I cant help it Mom, I have a disease"  I said "oh ya, what disease is that? " She said "I have FLATULISIM, Grandma said so."..LoL

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