Dad Straps Camera to Toddler's Head for Most Awesome Kid's POV (VIDEO)


playground A pair of awesomesauce parents in the UK strapped a video camera to their 2-year-old’s head and filmed how things looked from her POV. The result is shaky, nausea-inducing -- and so incredibly adorable.

Please. Someone help me kit out my daughter Penelope’s helmet with a camera so I can see things the way she does, too. Because this isn’t just cute. It’s an incredibly valuable reminder of how big we loom, how huge the world is, how wee our little ones are. Watch it and see if you agree.

For me, the best parts are:

  • Ellie and her dad talking in the same silly voice.
  • Ellie's mom’s open Ergo hanging from her waist. Mom fashion do!
  • The moment when Ellie turns around, triumphant, to look at the huuuuuge slide she just went down.

In addition, I want to know:

  • How have these parents gotten Ellie to actually blow when they wipe her nose?
  • How have they also gotten her to keep anything on her head -- I mean anything??

Mostly though, I just keep watching it over and over, because I’m trying to reach back to my own toddler sense-memories. I do remember crying in my crib because my foot hurt, and relief at seeing my sister and mom run in. I do remember laughing with pleasure as my mom swooped down on me and covered me with kisses, and I remember feeling self-conscious when I looked up from playing and caught my parents smiling at me.

I want more, though. I think I want reassurance that these precious days I spend with Penelope and Abigail are going to stay in there somewhere -- that they’ll remember turning and seeing me, squatting down to wave at them and holding my arms out to pick them up.

How do you like The Ellie Cam? What would your toddler see if he had a camera on his head? 

Image via YouTube

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Rebecca Buxton

it was cute...but man i'm dizzy. lol

Wish2Be Wish2Be

This is awesome ! Thanks for sharing...and I agree with you on the whole " How did she keep that on her head ?" bit. :)

douxm... douxmusique

cute. i loved how she looked at her feet when she got on the sand and just sort of explored with a stick :). great perspective!

frysh... fryshannon34

This is cute but i can't watch for too long because it is making me sick:(

jalaz77 jalaz77

This was great!!!


jacob... jacobsmommy0828

Way neat and I want to do that with my kids at home.  Truthfully I would be a bit freaked out if a child had a video camera on her head at the park.  Seems suspicious- like something a pervert would do (not that I think this family had that intetion at all.)  Would keep my kids away from the girl with the video camera just in case.

Ryan Barlow

i loved this!!!!!! soooo cute. but talk about motion sickness lol.. and i also cant believe she kept that on her head?!?!?! my daughter looks so cute in hats but we couldn't even keep a little bow in her hair

GlowW... GlowWorm889

How weird! I actually did this with my students this last semester. We had been learning about the cameras they put on animals to see what they do when people aren't around, so we tried it out ourselves. The kids loved it. And if you think it's bad watching it, try spending time editing an hour of film down to about three minutes so it could be watched in class! So much motion sickness! XD

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