Toddler Fight Caught on Tape

fighting antelopeEveryone's talking about the Fort Bragg solider who recorded a fight between his two toddler boys and posted it on YouTube for millions to see. YouTube took the video down, thank goodness, but snippets of the toddler fight video are still floating around the Web. In case you're just catching up to this news, gypsy_rose posted a press report about it in Journals.


The father, who had custody of the boys, claims the children were fighting for days, so he decided to let them go at it and resolve the matter once and for all. The hitting, pushing and kicking went on for several minutes. Disturbing. I know how frustrating playing referee to deuling tykes can be, but I for one would never dream of letting it go this far.

What do you think of the incident? A lapse in parenting judgement or a criminal offense? Should the father lose custody?

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