The 5 Most Dreaded Places to Take My Children

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kids on beachThere are many places I love going with my kids: Lakes, petting farms, and museums come to mind. We spend hours exploring and laughing and just plain enjoying ourselves. It's all so picture-perfect and idyllic, in a Mother of the Year type of way.

And then, there are the places I despise going with my children. The places which I dread heading to. The places that make me want to stick a fork in my eye and never leave the house again. Here are my top 5 most dreaded places to take my children.

1. The Grocery Store. Is there anything worse than bringing three children to the grocery store? I'd argue not. Shouts of "I want this" and "Ohhhh get me that!" and "We never get that cereal!" float around my head as the cart rams into poor passersby. It's impossible to get in and out in under an hour.

But, OK, maybe there is one place worse...

2. Target. Now, I love me some Target, but it's just sensory overload for them. Who can blame them? There's something they need to have around any corner -- the toys! The food! The music! The movies! The crafts! It's like heaven. And, the Dollar Spot really adds up when you buy 20 items from there. Trust me.

3. The Park. I love the idea of the park, but it's just a broken bone waiting to happen. If you're my son, at least. Plus, most times, they just want to sit on the swing and have me push them, which really isn't my idea of a good time.

4. The Library. I know, I know, it's the library for crying out loud -- it's made for kids. But, with little ones, I find it nothing but stressful. "Be quiet! Don't rip the book! Don't run! Shhhhhhh!" And then keeping track of what we've taken out? Have they seen my house?

5. Indoor Play Areas. These are just breeding grounds for sickness. Is it a prerequisite for a child to have a nasty cough and snotty nose before entering? It certainly seems that way, and my kids love them. I'd be happy if I never entered one again.

Agree? Disagree?

Where do YOU hate going with your kids?

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nonmember avatar Afegm

I couldn't agree with you more! Glad to see I'm not the only one....

Christy Morton Songy

I hate going to the pool with my kids.  It's an hour of prep (did I remember sunscreen?  Snacks?  A change of clothes?) and then five minutes after we get there it's "I'm all done!  I want to go home!  It's hot!".  It drives me crazy.

Katt709 Katt709

Christy, you beat me to it! I hate going to the pool too. I only have 1 child now - he's 2. Going to the pool means I have to hold him the entire time we're there because he wants to be in the big pool - not the baby pool. So we have to just swish around in the big pool. Then if I need a break and take him to the baby pool he screams at me. Or if I have to go to the bathroom, he screams the whole time we're in there. Plus all the toys, a raft, swim diapers, sun block, towels, snacks, drinks, oh my! It just too much of a pain in the ass.

PonyC... PonyChaser

Really? The park? The pool? Don't you guys ever *play* with your kids? They're only young once, and this is your chance for a second childhood! Maybe it's because my son has hit "little boy" now, and is past the toddler stage, but I loved taking him to those places. Yeah, pushing on the swing got old, but I taught him to "pump" and we'd swing-race. And the pool... we'd have a BLAST at the pool, playing with all his toys and learning how to kick-kick-kick.

The only place I can agree with you is grocery stores and places like Target. He gets an awful case of the "CanIGets" and it drives me up a wall. I've found the cure for them, though... I give HIM the list, and I just push the cart. He is to find the items, check dates where applicable (like the milk), and find the best price for other things.

jpfsmom jpfsmom

I agree with you on 1,2 and 4 but for me the beach is a nightmare. It's like I suffer from temporary amnesia thinking it's a great idea until we get there...then the nightmare begins. Haha

Sara Haxton

I love going to all the places you hate with my kids, but then again my kids do not have the "Gimme" sickness.  I hate going to the pool by myself with the kids, though this is getting better. I also hate going to the doctor's office, be it eye doctor, dentist, primary, or specialist. The wait and the boredom is almost unbearable. But for the most part I love take my kids places, they are very well behaved(I wish people would stop asking me how I do it) and unless I can not find what I need/want they think it is fun too.

Melis... Melissa042807

The #1 place I dread right now (preparing to be smited) is church. My son does great in nursery most weeks, but I spend the whole service in secret dread that we will be summoned to come get him because he barfed all over himself because he was upset about something. It's happened a few times.

Kiki1212 Kiki1212

I hate when parents get on here and go on  and on about the "perfect" children they have. Geez, really, I am so glad your children don't have "gimme"sickeness, but you certainly have a judgemental mentality!  Sometimes my kids are naughty, sometimes they are nice! They are kids after all. One thing is certain, my kids won't grow up with the "holier than thou" attitude, and for that much I am grateful! Thankful for the parents here that keep it real!  And for the record, I feel really sorry for the kids that don't seek adventure and sit and watch all the other kids having fun.

Happy... Happypancake

Currently, with two kids at the ages of 3-year and 1-year old... I'd have to agree with the pool.

One wants in, the other wants out. Both can't swim but are floating like buoys as their popeye arms stick out of their innertubes. One has to pee, the other is pulling at my suit top providing a perfect flash the world opportunity.

And with all that sunscreen... slippery little buggers too!

Samantha Ellis

@Kiki -That exactly what I was thinking. Thank you ;)

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