10 Revolting 'Kid Friendly' Meals (PHOTOS)

Last week, I became a bit obsessed with the world of Bento Boxes. You know, those insanely adorable lunches that take longer to make than I spend on an entire week of meal planning and cooking. I just can't imagine taking the time to make little works of art every day for lunch. Who has the time for that? And, then there are these. The far less time intensive recipes for our darling children. But, unlike the gorgeous Bento Boxes, these recipes are less than apprealing. I'd go so far as to use the word revolting ...


1. Dora Sandwich. Never once have I looked at Dora and thought, "She's so cute, I could just eat her up!" Especially when she's made of bologna, egg, bread, and olives. I think I'd rather starve.

2. Spaghetti Dogs. The mere sight of these makes me want to vomit. And, I'm not exaggerating.

3. Meatloaf and Mashed Potato Cupcakes. Maybe it's just my kids, but if I presented them with cupcakes and they discovered they were actually meatloaf and potatoes, they would not be amused. And they would not eat them.


4. Bunny Sandwich. If I'm going to eat a bunny anything, it better be chocolate. And it really better not be bologna.

5. Pizza Faces. Remember that poor kid in junior high who became known as "pizza face" because of his temporary complexion? That's all I see when I look at these. Hardly appetizing.

6. Candy Sushi. Because, plain old sushi is just so ... healthy?

7. Sandwich Art. Aren't we supposed to teach our children not to eat the art?

8. Hamburger Pasta Face. Now, I don't consider myself a huge traditionalist, but this makes me want to cry for a bun. The way a hamburger should be.

9. Octo-Hotdog. What is it about hot dogs? They aren't spinach, after all. What's the point of masking them? If I'm going to dress up food like it, it sure as hell better have some nutritional value.

10. Little Bill Cupcakes. I love me some cupcakes, but these have got to be the creepiest ones ever created.


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