Mom Who Jumped Out Moving Vehicle for Baby Is Braver Than Us (VIDEO)


A mom in Baltimore saved both her toddler's life and her own Wednesday night by jumping out of her car holding the baby after she was car-jacked. The car was moving at the time and though the mom sustained some injuries, her 20-month-old was safe.

We all love to talk a big game about how brave we would be when it comes to our children and danger, but when push comes to shove (or the carjacker shows up), how many of us could really put our money where our mouth is?

See below for the surveillance video of the car-jacking:


The story leaves a lot of questions, of course. But I would assume the mother must have believed that whatever was happening inside the car was worse for both her and her baby than jumping out of it.

During the police chase, the carjacker hit two cars and turned off his headlights to avoid being seen. He is charged with fleeing and eluding police, hit and run, and negligent driving.

One has to assume she used her body to shield her child since she was injured and the baby wasn't. It's the moment all of us moms dread, when our baby is in mortal peril and we have to show what we're made of. This mom totally stepped up. Could you?

Do you think you would have done the same?


Image via Elsie esq./Flickr

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imnotyoo imnotyoo

God. What would she have done with two children?

Joseph R Macina

I would of done the same. My kids are more important to me than any car would ever be. Good for her for be unselfish when it came to her child.

SamNS... SamNStefanMommy

Its amazing what us mothers can/will do to protect our children. My 4' 10" 100pd MIL lifted a Chevy Nova off of her daughter after a horrific car accident. We do what we need to, when we need to because our children are worth it.

nonmember avatar Schenedra ellis

She's a brave smart think fast kinda mom. the child is blessed to have a her being she so young.......I TAKE MY HATT OFF TO HER &..the baby.........

Terri Hutchinson

My step-sister gave her life for her daughter... her ex husband went to his sister's house, strangled her to death & stole her car. He drove to my sister's house, pulled a gun on my 8 year old niece said "I love you & I'm sorry" and went to shoot her but my sister bravely jumped in front of her. He emptied his gun into my sister & fled, drove a few blocks and killed himself... I'd like to believe I'd have the courage to do the same as her but no one really knows what they would actually do in a situation like that ( or any other horrible situation for that matter) until it happens... I used to say if someone tried to rape me that I'd yell, scream& fight until I was actually molested, I was in shock & couldn't/didn't do anything... so who knows? Thankfully her & her child are okay!

nonmember avatar Rose

I would of... my kids are my life i breath for them i world is for them

nonmember avatar angela

You damn right! Anit no sorry piece of junk like that dude gonna hurt me and my baby for nothing on this world! We as mothers gotta do what you gotta do!

Tiffany Burns

not to downplay how courageous this is. But moms are loving, brave, but they are above all instinctive. I think mothers are capable of doing things like this because its a situation where you don't think, you just act on pure instinct. That's part of what makes mothers awesome. :)

Mahala Dixson

Awesome Mom! I'm so glad they are ok that would have been TERRIFYING!! When I was 4 months pregnant with my twins and my daughter was just over a year old we were unloading the van infront of our apartment one evening after doing laundry and my friend had just unbuckled my daughter to get her out of the car while I was carrying in a basket of laundry and this drunk guy jumped in the van and was going to take off with it (with my daughter JUST unbuckled and the side door of the  van open and she was near the door!) I got back to the van (dropped the laundry and RAN the moment I heard my friend scream!) and I got back just as he was trying to get his door shut to take off.  I yanked the drunk man out of the van and jumped in locking the door behind me while my friend jumped in the back of the van with my daughter shutting and locking the door and we called 911.  It was terrifying! The guy went into my home as well, and into another vehicle there in front of the apartment.  I was going to fight like crazy if he came after us again! NO ONE was going to hurt my daughter.  I was shaking so bad after wards and was sick I was in shock. 

bjenn... bjennifer

Yes I am sure I would of done the same thing.   I refuse to let anyone hurt my children,  I didn't carry them for nine months and raise them this whole time for anyone to take them from me.  I love them , they complete my life and noone is going to take that from me.

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