Goofy Dad Makes Hilarious Memories With His Kid (VIDEO)


Dad and daughterWhen you're a working parent, the days that you can spend one-on-one with your kids are few and far between. Hence mommy guilt (and daddy guilt too -- I don't kid myself that my gender has the corner on the market). And from that comes the overwhelming need to plan out those special days with our kids to the nth degree. But an adorable YouTube video by a dad playing in front of a camera with his toddler just might change all that:

You can take that two-minute clip of Dad and tot sticking out their tongues and mark it down as the cutest thing you've seen all day (and if it isn't, please share, because I can't say I've ever seen cuter ... outside of hanging with my kid, natch!). But I'm going to take it a step further. Did you see how simple that was? How easily entertained that child was? How totally 100 percent in love that kid was with dear old Dad?

When we go crazy planning out our days with our kids to "make the most" of our quality time together, we drive ourselves crazy. The kids don't cooperate because they're kids. The world doesn't know it's our one day off this week, and it gets in the way. And by the end of a 24-hour, fully-packed schedule, we're ready to throw in the towel and go back to work because we feel like we suck at this whole parenting thing.

OK, Mom? Dad? Give yourselves a break. When we try to go all uber-parent, we end up missing out on the insanely cool moments that come out of just hanging out and being! Like standing in front of the web cam and playing "whose tongue can stick out the farthest." Now that's quality time.

Does this video inspire you?


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bercasto bercasto

so cute!! <3 it!!!

PoeDu... PoeDunkMae

Cute! Reminds me of my husband and our kids!

jennrn79 jennrn79

My three year old and  I have wha we call PJ day as often as possible. It means we just sit around and watch movies, play, take a nap whatever but DON'T get dresses and DON'T go anywhere for the whole day! These are my favorite days! And i try to tell him ahead of time when we are going to have one because he really looks forward to them.

Reyna... ReynaDestiny

This is so cute, and what the writer says is totally true in regards to us  adults planning.

Kids just love to do whatever sounds fun at the moment, and don't require too much plans.  When I just grab my son and tickle him, I get more smiles and laughs then if trying to plan some special outing.

When my son was around 6 years, he got Disneyland for Xmas/bday {they're close together].  Thing is, found out when almost there that Disney had booked us at FL hotel and gave us admission tickets for CA park!! We had to find a last minute hotel, which was still in budget, and the place we ended up with was nothing close to the 'Disney theme' room I was expecting. son LOVED the room, the trip, the whole thing.  Point is, kids don't care about the amenities of a hotel room, it's just super cool to be some place different for a day or two!!

Bodda... Boddah266

Love it! I did this with my eldest daughter and I plan on doing the same with my little one when she's a bit older! My sons were born before the days of webcams but I have plenty of photos. ;-)

Abbey Rockin'Mom Baxter

I've done this with my boys before. It's the small things they remember and love. Soc ute :)

Reece Lagunas

Thanks for watching my video guys! Seeing this on here was quite the surprise when I woke up this morning... Thank you to Jeanne for the kind words!

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