Rude Restaurant Bans Kids Under 6


kid in restaurantHere's a story that's sure to give you indigestion ... a restaurant in Pennsylvania has banned all kids under 6 because they're too noisy. Yep, McDain's Restaurant and Golf Center says it doesn't want to be bothered with the rug rats, so they're not welcome.

The restaurant's owner, John Vuick, says beginning July 16, kids will be kept from entering his establishment, no matter if they've proven themselves to be angels in the past or not since "their volume can't be controlled." Neither can mine, when it comes to cranky, rude people who won't even give children a chance.

"I think it's the height of being impolite and selfish, and therefore, I instituted a policy," he told WTAE. Whether he meant bringing them to a restaurant or just having children in general wasn't clear.

Look, nobody finds dining with a loud, obnoxious child pleasant -- not even said child's parents -- but kids are part of society, as much as some people would like them not to be. Most parents know when it's time to call a meal quits and will remove the offender after all attempts to quell him fail. If they don't, I have no problem with management letting them know that they'll have to take the child outside for awhile until he or she calms down.

But to institute an across-the-board policy that NO children can even enter the building is outrageous. From the time my son was small, we took him to "nice" restaurants. We brought along plenty of entertainment, went early, and knew when it was time to leave. The thought of anyone turning us away because he was merely with us is unthinkable. And if you look at this video, it's not even like his restaurant is all that fancy anyway -- it's like vinyl seats and cheap tables. We not talking Chez Panisse here.

It's discrimination plain and simple. Can you imagine if he banned old people because some of them are "crotchety," or any race or religion of people? The world would be up in arms, but when it comes to children, oh well. It may be legal, but it doesn't mean it's right.

Vuick says he's noticed there are "certain parents who can't leave their children at home." Yeah, probably those without babysitters who don't want to get arrested. He goes on to talk about the real problem he sees and told WTAE:

You know, their child -- maybe as it should be -- is the center of their universe. But they don't realize it's not the center of the universe.

I wouldn't even want to eat in a restaurant run by someone with an attitude like that -- I'm sure once the ban goes into effect, it will be uptight, stuffy, and full of rude people just like Vuick. How fun! Hopefully the diners of Monroeville will send a strong message about his actions by not filling his tables ... or by sending in droves of really loud, obnoxious adults.

What do you think of this restaurant banning children under 6?

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Neelah Neelah

His store, his rules. I'm sure he'll start to lose business and have to take that policy back in order to keep his place running.

halli... hallieballie

Meh.  I really don't see the big deal.  Just don't go there if you have a kid with you under 6.  No biggie.

Thoma... ThomasPaine28

Good for the restaurant. I have kids, so I will not go there with my kids.  But I may go there when I want a quiet place. If there is enough demand for this type of environment, what is the harm? Another local owner, seeing the opportunity, will then create kids-eat-free nights and other incentives. Sometimes I want to go to a restaurant where people are dressed nicely and have to wear blazers.  Sometimes I want to go places where people have to wear shoes.  Sometimes I want to go where there are no kids.  Let the market control. 

LKRachel LKRachel

I don't see a problem with this.  At least he's saying up front that his restaurant is not kid friendly.  Sure he'll lose some family customers, but maybe it's not that kind of restaurant anyway.  They have a similar policy at Victoria and Albert's at Disney World.  DISNEY WORLD.  it's bc it's an incredibly upscale restaurant and children under 10 are not allowed.  There are plenty of places to bring a child to eat.

bills... billsfan1104

Its his business and if he is losing business because kids cannot control themselves, then he has every right to do it. most parents do not know when it is time to leave. A lot of parents let their kdis do whatever, because we should expect it, because they are children.

dirti... dirtiekittie

bring on the flaming but... i see his point. (please ladies, put away the daggers.) i'm not saying any of your bambinos are the out of control kind he's talking about, but we've all seen them. you know those kids - the ones who run around like crazy, destroying things, getting into everything, bugging other folks to the point that you want to discipline them yourself... we've all seen it! unfortunately, this guy is taking a blanket approach to it, which doesn't work. he'd be better off with a 'low noise tolerance' type rule (if mgmt has been talked to about your kids, you can be politely asked to leave). then he runs the risk of only losing that table's pay, and not a bunch of angry parent-protestors.

this is why my hubby and i didn't take our 2 girls to eat out places much when they were little anyway. for our own sanity as much as the people around us! :)

ashjo85 ashjo85

^agree. Beautiful thing about America...if most of the country agrees with you and stops going to this place altogether, he'll go out of business. But it's completely up to him to decide what clientele to receive at his place of business. I don't see it as discrimination any more than a bar allowing only 21+ to come in.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

Gotta tell you, if this restaurant was near me, I'd make a point to dine there often.  "Most parents" might know when it's time to surrender to an ill-mannered child, pack up and leave - but that inolves a significant amount of time spent negotiating and trying to appease a kid who is ruining the meal for other diners.  And then, of course, are the parents who just don't care how much of a punk their child is being, and will ignore him/her while they finish their meal at their leisure.

I wouldn't even want to eat in a restaurant run by someone with an attitude like that.....then don't.

Mocha... MochaCocoaBean

I agree with the commentors: His place of business, his rules. Some resturants simply do not cater to children or do not lend themselves to having children present. I'd hate to spend $$$ on a special dinner to have it interrupted by a screaming baby and stubborn parents who would not excuse themselves. Parental entitledment needs to stop!

nonmember avatar xar126

I dont want any rowdy kid when I'm eating, why some people think restaurants are child care centers! It usually ruins my appetite when parents of some uncontrollable brat go on pretending everything is fine while their tots continue to pester other customers wanting simply to dine in peace.

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