Was Octomom Set Up to Look Like a Bad Mom?


OctoMom Nadya SulemanBe prepared for a sentence you don't read very often. I feel bad for Octomom Nadya Suleman. And if you watched her appearance with all eight of her toddler octuplets on the Today Show this morning, you should too.

The polarizing parent has been getting flamed by the Internet once again for allowing her eight 2 1/2-year-old kids to -- as Jezebel called it -- "wreak havoc" on the set during a nearly 10-minute interview. Natalie Morales was babysitting one child off set. Ann Curry had to hop up from her seat to rescue another from diving outside of the set, onto his face.

In other words, they acted like toddlers. Normal toddlers. Well, like normal toddlers in a room full of expensive camera equipment whose mother simply can't keep an eye on them because she's got someone asking her a whole bunch of questions. Just take a look at the clip:

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I have one child, and I remember those days. We'd go to story hour at the library, and she'd want to wander away from me to check out what else was going on. Hey, she was with me almost all the time, I was boring. This was a new place, with new smells, new adventures. Sometimes, it was all I could do to keep her in the room ... and remember, I had one kid.

"Octomom" has eight. And the Today Show wanted her to bring them all along so they'd get to say they were the ones who introduced her kids to the world. If she'd brought a nanny, I can just imagine the backlash she'd be getting. "Oooh, she has 14 kids, and she can't even take care of them herself."

Instead she showed up and did her thing under impossible circumstances -- set out on a blanket in the middle of the floor with Nadya and the kids on the floor, and one of her older kids (9-year-old Amerah) in a chair. There wasn't much for the kids to "do" on the set. Mom had to pay attention to Ann Curry and answer questions, so she couldn't wrangle them. And their big sister tried, but she's 9, and there are eight of them. So Nadya had to sit there, telling Ann that her kids are usually "incredibly behaved" but they'd gotten just two hours of sleep on their flight to New York. And the whole incident has been called "Octomom chaos" by the Daily Mail, she's been snarked on by Stupid Celebrities for creating "pure chaos," while Jezebel's writer joked about snorting her birth control after watching it.

Yup, I'm going to say it again. I feel bad for Nadya Suleman. The Today Show did its best to make her look like a bad parent ... and the world has taken the bait.

After watching that video, do you think those kids were being anything but normal toddlers?

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debbym debbym

Facts or not, there is nothing anyone can do about her choices, there is always going to be someone somewhere who makes choices many people will not agree with,you still said she dumped them, and that souns horrible like she didn't care about them. They are already here, nothing can change that and what's done is done,she can't take back her choice, even if you or anyone else thinks it is their business.What about Stanley Thornton? Pretending ti be a baby because he was abused as a child and using that as an excuse to live off disability which taxpayers pay for? There are always going to be someone's choices people do not agree with. You and everyone including myself can not change that si in my book, then it isn't anyone's business because we can not control her or anyone else's lives.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

Wow.  I'm thinking you're out on a day pass or something.  You are all over the place with excuses for this woman.  You go ahead and applaud, excuse, support or whatever it is you're doing - I suppose Nadya would be grateful for someone's low standards.

debbym debbym

I am not on any day pass, there is no way possible to control other people's lives, if you think that is an excuse, it is a fact. My standards have nothing to do with any choices Ms. Suleman has made, No one has to live up to anyone's standards! And Ms. Suleman does not know everyone who supports her and who does not. I would not have chosen to have so many kids not being able to handle it financially, but she has, and no one can make her decisions for her.As for applause, whatever... I just do not see the point in criticizing someone when there is nothing you can do to change the decisions they have made. That being said I just hope she can keep afloat somehow financially and I am sure the stress really takes it's toll on her.

debbym debbym

Besides, I am not the only one who has this opinion on this post, some others have similar opinions as well.

nonmember avatar Anon

I don't understand what people seek to gain by directing so much hate toward this mother. I've heard various versions of her story, so who knows which is true; but the original version was that she had a procedure done that many people do, and some of the embryos twinned. Everyone who does IVF knows there's always a likelihood that some of the embryos won't survive. There have been some rare cases where a handful survived, never one (before Octomom) where 8 survived. So many thriving babies could not have been expected. Most likely she thought she'd get a couple of kids if that. Yes, she already had kids and she was receiving disability income; same (or worse) can be said for millions of Americans whom we are not bashing. Personally I don't believe in IVF with more than 1 embryo or under various other circumstances; but I don't demonize those who do it. I don't believe in selectively aborting or for that matter aborting at all, unless the mother's physical health is in jeapardy. So I wouldn't make the choice she made, but I could say the same for tens of millions of people. Why is she the only one taking all this crap? Especially when she can't un-conceive or un-birth them! She even admitted she made a mistake, so let's move on! I believe that when you send those negative feelings toward her family, you are hurting those innocent, beautiful children. Also, what goes around comes around. I am sure none of us are perfect.

debbym debbym

How true,anon! Finally! Someone with intelligence and sense! She can not unconcieve or unbirth, so the haters out there are wasting their time and energy! Nothing can be gained by so much negativity! It is her business how she lives her life.

Melis... MelissaCarole

I think she did a pretty good job under the circumstances. I do feel sorry for her because she knowing something  and actually living it are two different things. I applaud her efforts and if I could help her I would!

debbym debbym

I too would help her, MelissaCarole, if I could. Because like most moms out there she does want what's best for her kids.People always ridiculing and criticizing her serves no purpose and they don't care if she has feelings or not.

debbym debbym

I too would help her, MelissaCarole, if I could. Because like most moms out there she does want what's best for her kids.People always ridiculing and criticizing her serves no purpose and they don't care if she has feelings or not.

nonmember avatar Anon

A while back there was a website where you could donate to her. I did. Maybe it's still there. God bless her miraculous family.

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