When Your Toddler Makes a Grown Man Scream

when your toddler hits someone in the balls
My Little Nut Cracker
Let's face it, toddlers are out of control animals. Most of them are illiterate and have minimal control over their own bodies. So it's only natural that at some point, your toddler will hit some dude in the nut-sack. Which is what happened to me -- or rather, some guy -- when I was dropping off my kids at pre-school.

My little dude stumbled towards the entrance of the school and lurched right at another dad who was dropping off his own ball-smacker. The inevitable happened, and wow was that guy not happy with my future champion of the boxing ring. My son, always the charmer, then stopped to ask the gasping man, "Wanna play a game?" His answer, "Not if it involves hitting me in the crotch." So I laughed.

Obviously we're all having a good time, so what's a little testicle bruising between friends? However, upon reflection, there might have been a better way for me to handle that whole ball-hitting incident.

You know, like saying something like this:


"You should be flattered, he only goes for the really big ones."

"I'm sorry, he's just learning about good touch vs. bad touch."

"You know if you were taller, he'd be grabbing your knees right now."

"Ha, ha. Let mommy do her own flirting now, champ."

"You weren't going to use that tonight anyway, right?"

"Hmmm, it seems he has a 'type.'" (Followed by a knowing wink.)

How do you handle it when your kid racks the nearest guy?


Image via Taken By Storm Photography

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