'Toddlers & Tiaras' Raises Important Question About Toddlers & Teeth


toddler teeth bleachingWhen it comes to your toddler's teeth, which kind of parent are you? A) Flippers all the way; B) teeth whitening rules; or C) what the hell are flippers and can't you go to jail or something for putting bleach in your child's mouth? 

Hopefully, you answered C, and if so, just so you know, flippers are fake teeth for children. And yes, there are parents who choose both A and B for their children. Not because their children have been disfigured or have unfortunate dental issues, but rather so they'll look better when it comes to competing in baby beauty pageants, like those on Toddlers & Tiaras.

While flippers are old hat on the show, on tonight's episode we met a mom who talks about the virtues of toddler teeth whitening.

I bleach my children's teeth at least once a week, whether we have a pageant coming up or not .... There's no harm in bleaching their teeth. As long as you use something the children can stand the taste of, you're all right.

This is followed by her 8-year-old daughter, Alaska, saying, "Please, no! The teeth whitening stuff tastes terrible!" In disbelief? Take a look for yourself at this clip.

"Flippers are silly because you're literally altering what God gave you." Did she really say that? Flippers just actually fit over the real teeth, bleaching BLEACHES their teeth.

Sigh. This show just makes me so sad, and now we have another torture method to add to the heap these sorry moms make their children undergo like fake tans and body waxing. I'm not even sure which one is the worst, and it hurts my brain too much to really give it much thought. I just can't imagine how parents think these things are okay to do to children. Besides the physical pain and potential harm, the message they're sending their children -- that this is what's important -- is heartbreaking.

Would you ever bleach your child's teeth? What do you think is worse, making a child fake tan, undergo body waxing, or bleach their teeth?

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nonmember avatar Cadence

Teeth bleaching is by far the worst, and eyebrow bleaching. I think Alaska's mom needs to seriously have some therapy so she stops bashing her beautiful daughter. Mom Lori is just as bad as Jamie Sterling! (Remember her and daughters AshLynne and BreAnne?)

SicTr... SicTransitGlori

No, I prefer my child as-is thank you very much. I'll pass on all three options to the question. Although I make a point of not judging how one raises their child, I would certainly raise an eyebrow at anyone who actually puts their child through this ridiculousness.

Char_... Char_gal4

This is one of the only times I'd accept a child biting.  Not the answer, but maybe it will teach Momzilla to back off.

silve... silverdawn99

i watched this episode and i felt bad for that little girl!! the little boy was obviously favored over the little girl and the girl knew that. how sad for her

nonmember avatar Amy

It all smacks of abuse to me

hersh... hershelsfavorit

i watched last night and this mom was crazy. they had to pick three words to describe the kids and the little girl chose something like beautiful, kind, and fun and the mom said it should be pain in the.... but when they chose the boy's it was "beautiful beyond words" and you could hear the announcer choke a little. 

tinyp... tinypossum

These pagents should be outlawed and the parents who participate in them signed up for loads of therapy and parenting classes.

puffn... puffnstuffmomma

I just think that it is so very sad that these young kids are being taught that the most important thing about them is their looks.

BayNo... BayNoelle

According to my mother's dentist, there IS harm in bleaching. Apparently, when you whiten your teeth, what you're really doing is having something eat away at the enamel on your teeth, making them weaker and more vulnerable to decay. 

Allison Priest Leonard

They're all terrible as well as the moms. Seriously, this stuff should be illegal. I think body waxing is the worst though.

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