Halle Berry Custody Battle Reveals a Control Freak Mom


Halle BerryIf I wasn't already convinced that single moms are some of the most amazing creatures on earth, Halle Berry just sealed the deal for me. The actress has taken ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry to court, alleging he's been neglecting the couple's 3-year-old daughter, Nahla, when he's in charge. She wants to renegotiate the couple's custody agreement.

It's no secret that these two love to fight. And with little details out right now about just what the male model supposedly did wrong with his daughter, it's hard to tell who's right and who's wrong. But I had that mother reaction when I read the words "child neglect," didn't you? I can't imagine having to send my kid off with someone else for a few days at a time and wonder, What is she doing? Yes, even when that "someone else" is her father.

It's an odd thing, and I'll admit it. I'm a control freak. I learned that when I went on a business trip a few weeks back to preview Cars 2 in Los Angeles for The Stir. I was gone for four days, leaving my daughter in the very capable hands of her father. I trust him. Obviously. I had a baby with the man!

So call me crazy. You can even say the same things that people are saying about Halle every time she opens her mouth about Gabriel. So she chose to have a baby with the guy, I chose my husband.

But there was that part of me a few weeks back that had such a hard time just letting go, that couldn't help but wonder, Will he know to do what I would do? Will he put her lunch in a disposable bag on class trip day? Will he put the leave-in conditioner in her hair before bed to prevent the tangles?

It's ridiculous, I know. He's her father. I'm a mom who has written about how fathers won't take a more active role unless we, the mothers, let them. I firmly believe that dads are as good as moms. But it's hard, at the end of the day, to cede control because you LOVE this little person so gosh darn much. It's hard to trust when your child's safety is on the line.

You act, well, irrationally. In the past, I may have criticized Halle Berry for acting like a bit of a loon, for putting her daughter in the middle of a heated custody battle, for putting her anger first. Now, I don't know. I get it. It's not just anger. It's fear. It's control. It's missing your kid like crazy.

Do you ever spend days away from your child? How do you deal with giving up control? Is it hard?

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she is also one of my favorite personality..thanks for sharing all that with me

Sweet... Sweet_Britt

I don't see how this shows that she's a "control freak" mom...If she truly feels there is neglect here, then she's doing the right thing. It may not be about "missing her kid", especially when we don't even know what the neglect charges are.

ashjo85 ashjo85

Although, I take issue with the "is he going to do everything the same way I would do it?" thing. Of course he's not!! He's not you, and that's OKAY. Mom does things this way, Dad does them this way, and as long as neither one is outright dangerous to the child, who cares? We as women can't simultaneously whine that our partners don't help us enough and in the next breath criticize their "ways" or never give them a chance to take any responsibility for anything.

jezsikaq jezsikaq

Give your husband more credit. I have no choice with my family, right now I am in the hospital for th 100th time with my youngest, for who knows how long and my husband is with our 3.5 year old, they are doing perfectly fine. and if your man is incapable of handling his own child on his own, then he is not a fit parent to begin with and maybe needs to start being a better father and person.

angev... angevil53

i have a custody agreement with my ex, i trust him about 98%. i know he's a great father, i know he does his best, but i also know he's human. there's nothing wrong with anyone having a parenting "fail" and learning their lesson. i think if people would look at themselves and see that they might not be doing everything just the right way they'd give other people more credit too.

Zamaria Zamaria

It's really hard leaving the kids with my husband. It's not that I don't trust him, but he's not really that responsible when I'm there! I'm constantly grabbing a kid that's doing something potentially dangerous while he's supposed to be watching them. I guess it's really that he knows I'm watching, so he's not too concerned when I'm there! I've finally learned to relax, and as long as everyone is alive and no one requires major surgery or hospitalization when I get home, it's all good! The thought of what COULD happen makes the fact that my 4 year old made his own chocolate milk...in the sink, spilled it on the floor, made handprints on the wall with chocolate syrup, and tried to write his name in sharpie on the sofa a little easier to tolerate! As long as they're ok, I'm ok. I guess. Lol

Monar... Monarch101286

My children go with their father every other weekend from Thursday till Sunday evening. And they see him a few hours a day the rest of the week.

It was hard for me at first to extend his weekend an extra day (at first it was Friday till Sunday). But we've worked it all out. All that matters is that if they're sick, they only take the medicine I approve of, they have a bath, brush their teeth and comb their hair every day they are with them. It's taken months to get him to do all that but we finally got it done.

I do miss my kids while they are gone but I know their dad loves them and they love their dad so why can't they see each other as much as possible? He's a pretty good dad too (most of the time) so I'm not ever worried.

Mommy... MommyKKay

You don't know WTF you're talking about...This is completely based on speculation. Does The Stir have any writers that aren't full of shit?

April Barger

OMG I so relate to Halle Berry. I loosened up and let my children's father do things on his own but even so I still check in on my kids when he has them and I go over a list of things that are going on with them, what they have in their bags, etc. But he understands thats how I am and I'm glad. Cuz I would freak if I wasn't able to check in on them

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Halle Berry is one of my favourite celebrity and I like to know more about her news.

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