Mom Lets Child Eat Cicada for YouTube Stunt (VIDEO)


cicada kidIf I had to pick one directive I used to death when my kids were toddlers, it would definitely be: "Spit that out right now!" Kids just love the heck out of chomping on inappropriate objects, which is why the video of a 3-year-old boy in Tennessee with a live cicada in his mouth doesn't surprise me.

What does surprise me is that no one behind the camera was screaming, "Spit that out right now!"

There are a billion and a half reasons why the weird things kids choose to put in their mouths usually need to be removed asap: Either it's a choking hazard (Lego pieces come to mind); poisonous (I know somebody who ate Ajax as a kid, though thankfully she lived to tell the tale); filthy (Daddy's dirty sneaker); or a plural peril (like the all-time classic filthy choking hazard, a quarter). I'll admit I don't know for sure if a cicada is poisonous and it might be the wrong size/shape to qualify as a choking hazard, but it's gotta be dirty as all get-out and for the love of God, it's a giant bug, wings a-flappin' and everything! That child in the video isn't even mine and I can barely watch him gum that insect without gagging. If it was my son or daughter, I'd be absolutely apoplectic. Watch this:


Am I missing something here? Really, I want to know, I'm not trying to be sarcastic. Maybe kids are supposed to be allowed to commune with nature in this fashion and I'm just uptight from spending so many years as an urbanite. I wouldn't put it past me. My kids could stand some more time spent in the great outdoors, something that crossed my mind last week when my 5-year-old son spotted an earthworm on the sidewalk and said, "Look, a baby snake!" (Whoops. Mental note to take kids on hike through the woods.) Still, I don't think I'll ever be comfortable with the idea of my kids using a cicada like it's a wad of chewing tobacco.

Does this cicada-eating kid gross you out?


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spunk... spunkyldy

first I want to say that I do not know how I would react, I mean I don't think I would want a live bug anywhere near me or my child.  However, I had to give this some real thought and I have eatin chocolate covered ant and grasshoppers. They were dead and not moving about in my mouth but none the less they are not hazardous and are actually full of protein.  Again, I'm not saying this is ok or that I know anything about this particular bug (personally they freak me out) but I don't think that it's actually hazardous...but that's just the conclusion that I would draw. Probably a situation where if I saw it and could make them stop I would but if they ate it, I probably wouldn't have there stomach pumped.

Pua Smith

Google "cicada recipes." Boom.

Karen E MacLellan

Ugh... made my spine shiver. Sorry not into the eating bugs that are moving (or dead) unless it's survival. And I don't think my son would be either... he panaics when there's a a tiny bug on the screen of his DS in the moving car, to where I have to pull over and kill it... so I woun't have to worry about this with him. LoL

Pinky... Pinkytopia

I was gagging... I don't think I would let my kids do that. But I guess everyone is different.

The real question is.. Mom already knows that this bug is safe to have inside her child's mouth? That's what she should do before let the kid play like that.. maybe she already knows that it's OK...IDK

But this is not my kind of thing LOL

Amanda Abernathy

It's just a bug. People eat them all the time. Some for survival, some for fun. No big deal.

Katrina Prologo

I just wouldnt be able to stomach my son playing with any kind of bug in his mouth. I mean if he is just playing with it and it wouldn't cause any hazard to him then thats fine as long as he doesnt eat it. I was wondering what this mom could be thinking letting her son play with a live bug in his mouth. I mean what if something went wrong. I myself am one of the mothers who worry about almost everything. I look at the situations that could go wrong. So if it was my son I wouldn't let him put a bug in his mouth.

Elisabeth Godwin

I think it is a good thing personally. First it will develop the child's immune system and boost up the protein. What happens if your child in a situation where food is not available to him and he only has to rely on what he can catch? Do you want him to die of starvation? I would hope not. No one wants to ever think that our world will change or something will happen to your little ones, but the truth of the matter is that something will happen at some point. We need to prepare our families.

Raynebird Dragonwyke

okay, first off, the child isn't EATING the cicada.  he is PLAYING w/the cicada.  there's a big difference here.  the fact that he's playing w/it in his mouth isn't wierd at all.  as an alarm call cicadas rub there wings together over their back legs, much like crickets do, to make that funny buzzing noise.  the wings and and the back of the carapace vibrate and it TICKLES.  living in the deep south geogia, tennessee, alabama, florida cicadas are common playthings for many small children.  those of us that have grown up here know cicadas for what they are, harmless, leaf eating, rattles.  that's it.  it's much less filthy that most people's kitchens, i dare say.   i found the video cute as hell.

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