Are You Finished Having Kids?

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The question usually comes up when your oldest is still a toddler: Should we have more kids, or are we finished? My husband and I never had an official "talk" -- we both seemed to agree that 2 was enough when our daughter turned 3, without any words exchanged. Our emotions said it all: satisfied, exhausted, over-scheduled, happy.

How did you know? Take a look at what some other moms said and then post your story here.


Says amydh in Answers, "I knew I was done after 4 because it became so much work that I couldn't keep up anymore. But mostly it was a feeling that I was satisfied with what I had. I never had that feeling before. After 3, my DH and I agreed that we would stop. But I just couldn't get myself to let go of the outgrown baby stuff. After I had baby #4, I was suddenly ready to let it go!"

"When I realized I didn't want to carry a diaper bag anymore," says happy2bme7. "Seriously, it was a mutual decision. Our two + his two (grown and in their 30's) from a previous marriage ... that's plenty for us!"

"We talked about it after two," said sillyt. "We figured we were financially set and we could reasonably afford two kids. We were careful but didn't take any permanent action because I couldn't see still being in my 20s and being "done". We put off any procedures that would ensure no surprises came up and then when we finally decided it was time to act we discovered we were already pregnant again. It was shocking at first but in the end we just figured there was a reason we waited and this must have been it.

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