Elmo is Indoctrinating My Toddler


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How Can Your Toddler Resist?
You always knew that monsters were bad, right? Well a new book by conservative writer, Ben Shapiro is proving there is a left-wing plot Sesame Street is perpetrating on our nation. Shapiro's new book Primetime Propaganda points out the liberal brainwashing of America's children via the casts of Friends, MacGyver, and Sesame Street, and I'm scared. Very, very, scared.

Because my toddler LOVES Elmo, and will pretty much do whatever that red guy says. Ross and Rachel, not so much. I'm thinking I might as well move my son to communist China now, because here are all the things my little fascist is starting to believe, thanks to Elmo.

All colors are equal

You know that once the kids get used to seeing red monsters everywhere, they'll want to marry them, right? Then what are you going to have? Mixed race monsters/humans, that's what.

Reading is fun

Once Elmo is finished teaching my son his ABCs, it's only a matter of time before he picks up that commie rag, The New York Times. You realize that's Elmo's goal, right?

Fish are people too

Thanks to that passive-aggressive Dorothy, who clearly controls Elmo's thoughts, my son now thinks that fish deserve the same amount of respect as monsters. Next stop, veganism.


As Elmo teaches your child his version of how the world came to be, you can be sure he'll get in something about "global warming" and "not littering." Is that really what you want your kid to be learning about? It goes against your god-given right to do whatever you want, you know.

How is Elmo indoctrinating your child?


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Histo... HistoryMamaX3


You know, for people that are worried about Elmo's indoctrination... they are not worried about the topics you've provided. You make yourself a rather unreliable advocate by ignoring their concerns. Why not address them rather than pretending they simply do not exist?

smtxc... smtxcowgirl

You DO know Elmo is gay, right?  How do I know this?  HELLO!!!  He's a friend of Dorothy!

nonmember avatar Anon

It is clear that there is an agenda afoot (your above jokes aside). Just because you happen to agree with most of it doesn't mean it's right to push it on other people's kids. My kids have watched very little TV, but even with the little they've watched, by age 3 I was having to tell them where I disagreed with the characters in kids' programs. Bad enough I have to tell them where I disagree with their teachers. It wouldn't be so bad if there was conservative kids' programming too, so kids could see both sides. But no, conservative messages are taboo. So, I just keep the TV off. Who needs it? I hope they go out of business. (Elmo's voice is Public Enemy #1 anyway.)

nonmember avatar Guest

You do know that Fascism is right-winged, right?

nonmember avatar Christine

Elmo helped my daughter potty train so for that I thank the furry red monster!

Karla Cruz Mulrenan

You DO NOT have any idea of what you are talking about. Communism and Facism are two completely different things. before you go on to say that Elmo is a lefty go get your self some world/poltical/history/sociology eductation. Thank you! : )

Sure lets have a conservative Elmo who is White instead of Red. Lets teach children that all colors are not the same and we have to divide. Lets teach them that everyone is different and we have to segragate. Lets teach them that animals are worth nothing and should be treated like shit. Lets teach our children that its okay to pullute the world to point where we run out of our own resources. That sound fun doesnt it? It's YOU conservative people that STOP the country from progressing. you stick to your old fashioned out dated beliefs and still believe there is a MAN in the sky. The belief of a God is just as fake as the belief that monsters are real. Its all fake imaginary crap. Your kid will grow out of elmo but sadly you havent grown out of your idea of God....

Rene Moodley

I'm with you Karla!


Histo... HistoryMamaX3

Karla- you've just proven yourself to be as ignorant as the people you claim to despise. There are some people that believe as the stereotype you've mentioned, but not all. And if YOU cannot understand that there are varying degrees of conservatism and conservative people who work hard and do right by the world, then you are very much a part of the problem as well. Just as there are some very bad liberals in the world- it is NOT one side or the other.

sunny... sunnybunny5us

I liked the first part of her comment until she decided to insult conservatives and God. At that point she lost the credibility that she started out with. 

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