Elmo is Indoctrinating My Toddler

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How Can Your Toddler Resist?
You always knew that monsters were bad, right? Well a new book by conservative writer, Ben Shapiro is proving there is a left-wing plot Sesame Street is perpetrating on our nation. Shapiro's new book Primetime Propaganda points out the liberal brainwashing of America's children via the casts of Friends, MacGyver, and Sesame Street, and I'm scared. Very, very, scared.

Because my toddler LOVES Elmo, and will pretty much do whatever that red guy says. Ross and Rachel, not so much. I'm thinking I might as well move my son to communist China now, because here are all the things my little fascist is starting to believe, thanks to Elmo.


All colors are equal

You know that once the kids get used to seeing red monsters everywhere, they'll want to marry them, right? Then what are you going to have? Mixed race monsters/humans, that's what.

Reading is fun

Once Elmo is finished teaching my son his ABCs, it's only a matter of time before he picks up that commie rag, The New York Times. You realize that's Elmo's goal, right?

Fish are people too

Thanks to that passive-aggressive Dorothy, who clearly controls Elmo's thoughts, my son now thinks that fish deserve the same amount of respect as monsters. Next stop, veganism.


As Elmo teaches your child his version of how the world came to be, you can be sure he'll get in something about "global warming" and "not littering." Is that really what you want your kid to be learning about? It goes against your god-given right to do whatever you want, you know.

How is Elmo indoctrinating your child?


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