Nanny Risks Life to Save Toddler's Life From Drunk Driver


woman pushing strollerWould your caregiver throw herself into the path of an oncoming pick-up truck to save your child's life? That's what Jennifer Anton did when a drunk driver was headed straight towards 20-month-old Tyler Jones' stroller. Anton pushed the stroller out of the way and took the hit herself, saving the toddler's life and sustaining seriously horrific injuries in the process. Essentially all of 25-year-old Anton's bones below the waist were shattered.

Seven people in total were hospitalized after 61-year-old Chicago Streets and Sanitation worker Dwight Washington veered off the road and into a group of pedestrians, a bottle of brandy on the seat next to him. Washington has been charged with four counts of felony aggravated driving under the influence and is being sued on the behalf of Anton and the child. Tyler's dad is calling Anton an "angel on this earth," an assessment that sounds pretty accurate to me.

It's hard to think about our caregivers as the people we might need to perform heroic feats for the sake of our kids (it's frankly way easier to get through a day of work imagining your nanny and child spending a lovely, uneventful day at the playground), but of course we desperately want that level of dedication. So if you've got an earth-angel minding your little one, treat her (or him, in the case of a manny) like what she is: A part of the family. (Actually no, be nicer to her than if she were really a family member.)

Yes, sometimes her demands might seem unfair (I know some people whose caregivers get more time off with pay than they do), and yes, sometimes she's going to do things that drive you nuts like let the afternoon nap go an hour past schedule (good luck at bedtime!) or allow 30 minutes more TV time than you would like. But if she's a responsible person who truly cares about your kid, annoyances like that are worth overlooking. It's harder to find somebody who'd risk their life for your child than it is to find somebody who'll stick to the "one episode of Dora the Explorer per day only" rule.

In the end, what really matters is having a caregiver who loves our kid almost as much as we do. And if you're lucky enough to have that, I suggest buying her some chocolates or flowers on your way home today.

What do you think of this story? Do you have an amazing caregiver who would do the same?


Image via Ed Yourdon/Flickr

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Xakana Xakana

I don't have a nanny, but when I was one, I can't imagine NOT doing that. I was always prepared to protect my charge with all my power. Hell, I couldn't stand by and watch ANY child get hit by a truck! But yeah, that woman is awesome. I hope she recovers even more than the doctors expect her to :( And that all those people survive. And the poor little kid recovers quickly.

ms_da... ms_danielle_j

May the lord bless this amazing lady! My prayers are with her and the family....clapping

Jamie Metzger-Maxaner

Yeah this is so wounderful and sad at the same time, it sucks this woman is hurt but beatufile to know there are still people like that out there in the world!!!love you sign

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

This family is lucky to have her. I hope she makes a full recovery and gets a decent settlement. I can't even imagine what the parents r feeling.

elfis... elfishpirat

Wow..what an awesome woman! Who is taking care of her medical bills? Is there a fund set up we can donate to?

Sara Haxton

I have not had a nanny, nor am I a nanny.  But I would have done it for any child. I once grabbed a kid that almost ran out into the street, she had gotten away from her mom. The mom thanked me and I told her it was nothing and continued into the store. I hate automatic doors.

A_Cas... A_Casey09

If someone did that for my child, I dont know what Id do. How do you thank someone for saving your childs life? I cant think of anything that could come close to expressing my thanks for someone saving my baby's life!

Charlene Renea

People need to be held more accountable for drinking and driving. Like when they have an open container in the car while driving around with their children they should do something more than give them a citation for an open container and send them on their way with the kids in the car still. I'm not talking a open beer but a glass of drpepper and brandy like my ex husband did this past weekend. 

Wendi Watson

i hold the lady can get all the help she needs. if that lady saved my babys life id pay for her medical bills.


Clarissa LeAnn Price

she is amazing and that family is blessed, that is the most wonderful thing i have ever heard. God bless that woman she really loves that child

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