'Mommy, Sarah Palin is the Bad Lady, Right?'


how to indoctinate your kidsIndoctrination. It's our god-given right as parents. In fact, my daughter is analyzing New Yorker cartoons as I write this in hopes of creating a budding East Coast media elite. I kid, kind of. Which is why when my girl does pipe up with a negative statement about Mrs. Palin, I smile, even as I feel a bit anxious for unduly influencing a minor.

While I don't love the idea of trying to shape my children's tastes exactly like my own, I would be lying if I said I didn't feel a flutter when my two-year-old sings the words to The Replacement's "Kiss Me on the Bus." It's a slippery slope, though, because the last thing you want is to attempt influence and have the whole thing backfire. That's how Alex P. Keaton was made, after all. But us modern parents are still trying to hold onto our youth by relating to our kids in a peer-like fashion. Right or wrong, we love to do it.

Luckily, there are a million tools for parents who want to create little mini-mes. Or at least five, like these --

Rowdy Sprout -- Make your child wear your favorite concert tee (as seen above)!

kid adult clothes2. H&M -- Or your favorite weekender outfit. Ohhh, cool.

indoctrinating your kid 3. MomsRising -- Sign your daughter up for a protest, or march, that you and she believe in. (Or she had better, if she knows what's good for her.)

4. Bare Naked Ladies, They Might Be Giants, Robbert Bobbert -- Take your kids to a kid-friendly concert to see a band that you probably saw (and got high to) in college. Hey, rock stars are parents too. 

go the fuck to sleep5. "Go The F**k to Sleep" -- Inspire a love of edgy literature by only buying books such as this one, ones about babies and tattoos, and anything written by Bob Dylan.

How are you molding and shaping your kid in your image?

Images (top to bottom): APeveteaux, H&M, MomsRising/Flickr, YouTube, Amazon

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hotic... hoticedcoffee

Congrats! You are well on your way to raising another good liberal incapable of rational or independent thought who will blindly and mindlessly parrot liberal talking points (as seen by several of the drones commenting here.) That's exactly what the world needs... KeepItup!

Couldn't have hit that nail on the head any harder.  And, how friggin' sad that a very young child is drawing conclusions about an adult she's never met, based on the fear-filled hate of her parents.  Fantastic parenting, right there.

melan... melanniek

How is pushing you political views on your child any different than pushing your religious views on them?  Does anyone REALLY think they will be able to raise their child with no bias?  If so, why the hell are we parents?  WE instill the morals and values in our children.  They learn from not only what we tell them, but by how we react to society.  Is this wrong?  In response to the article, not just the attention grabbing headline, I gave my son a harmonica and let him "play" along with Dylan.  He then informed me that he was better than Bob.  I told him, many would agree lol. 

bills... billsfan1104

Teaching morals and smiling when your kids says something negative about someone you hate, is not the same thing.  Teaching them that it is not nice to talk like that about someone, and trying your best to be careful about what hateful things you say around your little tikes, is teaching them morals. 

melan... melanniek

@Billsfan- I think you miss my point.  Children are going to be influenced by our values and convictions.  We are their main source of information and authority.  If we show dislike for a certain political goup, and are vocal about it around our children, they WILL pick up on it.  As much as it's not suppose to be, politics are driven by morals, therefore children are affected morally by political agenda.  I said nothing about hating any one politician.  It's naive to think children aren't shaped by their parents values. 

jpfsmom jpfsmom

Ugh, I'm trying to explain to my ds why Goofy walks and talks and Pluto is on all fours and eats and drinks from a bowl..I reaally don't want to introduce Sarah Palin (or any other politician or pundit for that matter) in the mix...

bills... billsfan1104

Mela, I do understand what you are saying. But teaching your kids to hate another person, just because your ideasare different, and smiling, when a preschoolar says something nasty about someone else, is wrong on so many levels. That is not teaching morals, political leanings or anything like that. Its breading hate and the authors kid is the one losing, because she doesnt know why she hates someone else, only because her mom says so.

melan... melanniek

@Billsfan- Agreed.  A good example would be racial sterotypes imparted to our children from their parents.  Another example (without the hate) would be my first voting experience.  When I was 18 I voted straight ticket republican, just like my father.  I didn't understand that the reason HE voted that way was because he was active duty military.  As I have gotten older, I realize my views have changed on some counts.  This is what I mean by our morals and values being influenced by our parents.  With any luck, and a little information, children will learn to think for themselves. 

bills... billsfan1104

Melanniek, We are a republican household, but with my Mom's parents being democrat. Because we are heavily involved in politics and know our local represenatives, my kids get to see both sides, democrat and republican. They are learning that they both have good qualities and not so good qualities, but my kids need to decide for themselves, what they feel is more important etc etc. Do I want them to vote republican or conservative, of course, but I know that is not possible. I know that they have to learn for themselves and become an informed voter.

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