Tina Fey's Daughter Is Meme Sensation: I Disapprove


tina fey daughter alice memeWe all love a good meme. It's hard to tear your eyes away form Sad Keanu, and LOL'ing cats, dogs, and Failing the People of Wal-Mart. But for some reason meme'ing Tina Fey's daughter, Alice, makes me feel slightly uncomfortable, even as I adore that kid's swagger. Sure we can comment on Suri's shoes 'til the cows come home, but really we're indicting Suri's mom and pop nutball. Besides, Suri watching is a lot of, "Wow, that kid is beautiful" talk. Which will only help out once she hits the insecure years.

Admittedly, the series of memes on Reddit and Buzzfeed of little Alice strolling alongside everyone from Leo DiCaprio to Dorothy & Co. do make me chuckle. That Alice sure does have her mom's can-do walk down pat. But I worry about those photos getting picked up when Alice is in her awkward tween phase and the result being Alice gets made fun of by mean girls.

Also, I'm reading Bossypants so my protectiveness over Ms. Fey and her family may be on high alert. (Katie, if you're reading this -- I promise if you write a tell-all about your weird marriage, I'll lay off Suri for, like, ever.) But I think about how sensitive girls are about their appearance, and how something that makes fun of a physical characteristic can devastate a young girl, not just at the time of the teasing, but for life. It makes me worry about little Alice in about six years.

Hopefully by then they will have either invented a way to clear the Internet of anything that has your picture on it that you didn't upload yourself (surely this is coming, right?). Either that, or someone -- Tina Fey herself, perhaps -- will eradicate that pesky self-esteem crisis most girls go through from ages 11 - 35. Until then, let's stick the adult, animal, and cartoon memes. Look, there's a whole new Obama killing Osama thing happening right now!

Do you think celebrity kids are fair game?


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Histo... HistoryMamaX3

Obama didn't kill Osama... really. Our brave soldiers did. Please, just like you're advocating in this article- give credit where its due and watch what you say a bit more cautiously. lol

cmari... cmarie452

This post makes me so angry. So it's ok to make fun of a little girl because hey, you don't like her parents but if someone makes cute meme's for another they better back off because you're momma's buddy. Hypocritical much?

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

cmarie- little kids are fair game to torture and make fun of because of who their parents are... drama and meangirlness draws in readers. Just the name of the game on the internet world. It is low and sad, but this is how they justify it.

nonmember avatar Jay

Historymama, youre an idiot. Didn't follow the link, did we? Obama kills Osama is the name of another meme.

Christy Wilson

Actually, to be accurate, Navy SEALS killed Obama. Only Army personnel are EVER referred to as "soldiers". If you don't believe me, try calling a Marine a "soldier" and see how many teeth you get to keep...

Christy Wilson

cripe it's late. killed OSAMA. Maybe a Freudian slip...


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