Dad Gives Toddler Marijuana & I Would Too

medical marijuana for toddlerAfter reporting about bong-hitting babies, toddlers found in the middle of the highway with a bag of weed, and generally bad parents under the influence, I'm surprised to talk about marijuana in a positive context with a toddler. But it's true. A very good dad, in very tragic circumstances helped his toddler, by giving him pot.

Mike Hyde's two-year-old son, Cash was fighting for his life as he was treated for a stage 4 brain tumor. Against the doctor's approval, Hyde put cannabis oil in his son's feeding tube, which he credits with giving his son the will to eat after 40 days of treatment, and the toddler was able to be weaned off of anti-nausea medication as well. Cash Hyde has come out on the other side of this ordeal, and his father helped him through by using marijuana. Of course some people would like to see him arrested for using the drug that is illegal in most states.


Of course in most parts of the country, Hyde broke the law and could be severely punished. Which is just wrong. Personally, I would do anything, including breaking the law, to ease the suffering of my children. Helping your child fight cancer has got to be one of the most heart-wrenching things a parent has to do. If you discover something that can help your baby through the pain, why should you have to worry about spending time in jail?

As long as you're not hurting anyone else, you should be able to go to any length to help your children, right? It's as if someone invented a new drug to help cancer patients, but told you if you used it you would be arrested. How does that make sense? Mike Hyde wasn't smoking a bowl when he acquired cannabis, he was helping his child fight for his life. Anyone else should be able to do the same, without fear of the authorities.

Would you break the law if it meant helping your sick child?


Image via jamalfanaian/Flickr

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