Best Easter Egg Hiding Spots Revealed!

chocolate easter eggs hidden bookshelf

Can you find the Easter egg in the picture? I know, it's a bit tough to spot. See, who said an indoor Easter egg hunt was no fun?! For city kiddos that live in apartments or those that live where there's snow on the ground come Easter Sunday, an indoor hunt is their only option. Sigh.

Don't feel bad for them though ... the parents, that's another story. Trying to come up with good hiding spots around the house can be challenging, but leave it to us here at CafeMom to help out. We have the best indoor hiding spots for all of your eggs -- dyed, plastic, and chocolate!


1. Bookshelves -- Move one or two books and place eggs in between Emily Giffin's latest read and Twilight: Eclipse.   

2. Dishwasher -- I'd avoid the oven or the washing machine, but the dishwasher may be a somewhat friendly appliance to hide some eggs. Slide them into the silverware basket.

3. Candlesticks -- Out in the dining room, take off one of the candlesticks and replace it with an egg. Kids will pass right by it.

4. Media center -- You'll find perfect egg spots amid all of the princess movie DVDs and Wii controls.

5. Toothbrush holder -- Perched by the bristles, eggs can definitely blend into the background and provide an awesome "in plain sight" spot.

6. Coffee table -- Our coffee table is filled with piles of magazine, coasters, and remotes galore. A few eggs can get "lost" among the clutter.

7. Toilet paper holder -- So easy, yet kids won't find it right away.

8. Next to throw pillows on bed -- A cushy locale for an egg to hide, tuck them under and next to the pile of decorative stuffed beauties on your bed. Better yet, on the bed in your guest room (where they never go).

9. Mail area -- Anyone else have that area by the front door where catalogs and credit card offers pile up? Me too. Eggs can fade into the mess undetected.

10. In shoes -- Maybe not in boots, but by the garage door where your kids dump their shoes is prime real estate to hide a few eggs. 

11. Dollhouse -- Tucked into the bed with Dolly or Barbie, this hiding spot will totally fool your kids.

12. Flower arrangements/plants -- Plants provide camouflage for brightly colored eggs, or put that floral centerpiece to good use and nestle a few in there.

13. Windowsills -- Eggs hidden away in the folds of drapes is a classic spot, but classics never go out of style.

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