Toddler Shoots Dad While Someone Shoots Video (VIDEO)


toddler shoots dad gunDear YouTube,

On your site today, I came across this video of a toddler baby shooting a man. That's right, a video of a toddler waving a big old gun and then KABLAM!, he shoots a grown man right in the gut. WTF, YouTube? Of course, I then watched the video intently about ten hundred times in a row and processed it into about 422 stream-of-conscious questions like why, why, why, how, and why?

Take a watch (and a look at my questions) after the jump.

The notes on the video without any source information say:

This incident took place recently in Halab, Syria in 2008. The two years old kid was playing with his father's (33 years old) gun when he accidently [sic] fired a bullet hitting the father in the heart and killing him immediately (according to the resources).

Are we supposed to believe that, be content with that, make sense of that? I mean, who would let a toddler play with a loaded gun in the first place? Did the kid really find the gun tucked under the table? Or pull it out of his dad's waistband when his dad was distracted by the dance scene at the party? And who the hell sat there filming this whole thing? That's possibly the even freakier question.

YouTube, is this video for real? It sure looks real -- the way the gun lights up upon firing looks really real! Look how the gun's throwback drops the toddler to the ground! Look how the guy/dad grabs his stomach and appears to be suddenly soaked in blood! It's truly horrifying.


Insanely Worried Now, Thanks to YouTube

WATCH the video:

What do you think of this video? Does it freak you out? Do you think it's real?


Image via YouTube


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hanib... hanibanani

I havn't watched it. If it is real I am very disturbed that youtube would allow the video of a man's death to be posted. If it is fake I am very disturbed that the filmers taught a toddler to handle a gun. This is a video that all-around should not exist!

Gigan... GigantaursMommy

Wounds like that aren't instantly pouring blood like that, according to my DH, I'm going to choose to believe this is a fake video.

Nicki... NickieAir

I think it looks more like tissue than blood pouring out.

rebec... rebeccagrace11

I am not going to watch this, because of the possibility that it could be real. Just thinking that it might be is making me ill. How horribly tragic and stupid! 

xavie... xavierlogan09

i don't think it's real because of the fire coming out of the gun when the child shoots the man. besides what idiot would let a toddler have a loaded gun and just watch him shoot someone?


nonmember avatar Anon

If it was wrong of YouTube to provide access to this, how is it not wrong for CafeMom to do so?

nonmember avatar Anon

The dark color on the shirt immediately after is probably powder burn.

Texas... TexasRose82

I don't get the posters here. There isn't any blood, tissue or powder burns shown on the man. You cannot even see the front of the man once the gun goes off.

GlowW... GlowWorm889

It's fake; handguns, in my experience, do not have a spark like that when they are fired. Not to mention at that close range, the hole in the man's stomach would have been a LOT bigger. Plus, at that close range, if the bullet "went up into his heart", wouldn't the bullet be travelling kind of fast? There is bound to be an exit wound somewhere, which I do not see.

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