Toddler Gets Wasted at Applebee's


ApplebeesYou try so hard to keep your toddler from boozin' it up, then some server at your local burger joint sends him on a bender. Sheesh. Seriously though, last week in Michigan, there was a scary case in which a 15-month-old toddler was served alcohol along with his kids' meal at the local Applebee's restaurant.

When he started acting funny, the boy's mother, Taylor Dill-Reese, got suspicious. She told the Daily Mail:

He was saying hi and bye to the walls and then eventually lay his head on the table. He dozed off a little bit and woke up and got real happy.

No wonder. When she took a sip of his drink, she discovered that what was supposed to be apple juice was really a margarita! The boy was rushed to the hospital where his blood alcohol level was found to be .10, which is over the limit for an adult to even drive.

Fortunately, the boy was released and seems to be fine; Applebee's is cooperating with authorities and launching their own investigation into the incident, which appears to be nothing more than a mistake. But wow, just wow. Mistakes happen, but ones like this shouldn't.

Has your child ever been served something he or she wasn't supposed to have? Will this story make you recheck your child's drink when dining out?

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melan... melanniek

How is it a mistake?  They have specific plastic cups with lids for children!  Sounds like some idiot thought it would be funny to see a kid drunk.  I would be irate.

ashle... ashleighmcg

yeah.. not to sure how this is an accident.

Carly Jones

I know exactly how this happened. Some bartenders like to drink during their shifts. They place their beverages in kids cups so that their managers won't notice and think is soda. Sounds like they placed their own cup a little too close to the sidebar and a server picked it up and served it. I will definitely be checking my son's beverages in the future. It's terrible that a child could have been seriously injured because of a bartender's vice.

Jayme Jaworski Weiden

It's one thing if your child orders a non-alcoholic dacquiri, I could see the mix up, but an apple juice? That is ridiculous. I actually saw something like this happen when I was a waitress. Luckily the bartender realized it before the kid drank it but that is so dangerous.

Joanie Mack

I wonder if employees drink from kid cups. It could be an employee is drinking on the job and the cups got switched.

Anast... Anastazia975

It also could have been an honest mistake. At applebee's they do have kid slushies, if it was a busy day blenders could have gotten mixed up. When I was a bartender we solved that problem from happening(it is more likely with more than one on at the same time) by having a different colored blender, and kids orders had to be brought to the bar by the server. Sometimes, even though it's a horrible mistake, but they can happen. On a busy day in a restaurant like that, mix ups can happen. Not every bartender is a drunk, and not every chef or cook is a lying fraud.

dirti... dirtiekittie

@Anastazia975 - couldn't have said it better myself. sometimes an honest mistake is exactly that.

momav... momavanessa

Sue them!!! Mistake......Yeah okay.

lianye lianye

I saw the title to this, and thought she was writting about an old story....This isn't the first time Applebee's has served a toddler a Margarita instead of Apple Juice....

Considering it has happened more then once...There has got to be something going on that some how makes it easy to make a mistake?  I'll be checking my toddler's drinks at applebee's from now on.  Once is a fluke, twice....gotta be something else.

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