Drunk Dad Gives 3-Year-Old a Girlie Tattoo

When most people want to express their love for their children, they go and give them a big squeeze or put a note in their lunch box. In extreme cases, they might tattoo their child's name on THEIR OWN bodies, but rarely have we ever heard of parents forcing their own (very young) children into getting the tattoo themselves. But one father in Georgia did just that to his 3-year-old son.

Somehow Eugene Ashley, a Georgia man who tattooed his 3-year-old with the letters "DB" for "Daddy's Boy," got off with only probation and a $300 fine. For TATTOOING his toddler on the shoulder. That's IT?

Look, I love tats as much as the next guy, but that love doesn't translate into me thinking it's my place to permanently etch something into my young child's body.


The kicker of this whole story is that the dude doesn't even remember doing it, likely because he was so drunk. He permanently marked his son (who said it hurt only a little bit) for his own purpose. Tattooing anyone under 18 is illegal in Georgia.

Kids love tattoos, it's true. Most children go crazy over the temporary tattoos that come in multi-packs and make it easy for them to apply 20 different tats to almost every available surface of their body. When they come off, most kids are pretty bummed.

My daughter asks for "real tattoos" all the time. "But you and daddy have them," she explains when we say no. And she is right. We do. She may very well get one when she is 18 and we won't be able to stop her.

Until then, the answer is NO.

Would you ever allow your child to get a tattoo or tattoo them?


Image via robstephaustralia/Flickr

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