Cavities Are Contagious -- No More Spoon Sharing!

toddler feeding dad forkThis is the freakiest kids health news I've heard in a long, long time. Did you know you could be transmitting cavities -- yes, those teeth-destroying things -- into your poor, innocent little child's mouth? It's true! Every time you test the food on her spoon to see if it's too hot. Every time you take a bite to show him how yummy dinner is. Every time you let your kid give you a little taste of her tiny fork because it's so funny and cute.

Yeah, every time you do any of these things, you could be serving as a total cavity transmitter!


I love to put the kibosh on paranoid health news. After all, don't we, as parents, have enough to worry about without being told that every little thing we do is, well, wrong and dangerous! Of course, every now and then, a little piece of this kids health news breaks through my paranoia-reducing deflector shields and promptly scares the crap out of me!

Today, I find it absolutely horrifying to discover that cavities can be transmitted from one person to another. According to a claim published in the NYT, it's true. Cavities are caused, for the most part, by bacteria that cling to the teeth and that cavity-causing bacteria can be passed from one person to another -- babies and kids being most susceptible. Ack! They're totally contagious, and now I am totally paranoid!

Of course, frequent flossing and brushing and chewing sugar-free gum can reduce the risk -- BUT STILL!

How horrifying is this news or did you already know this? Will you stop sharing spoons and forks with your kids now?


Image via edenpictures/Flickr

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