8 Must-Haves for Your Easter Egg Hunt

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easter egg huntWe're hopping with excitement over here -- Easter is just around the corner. What does that mean? Well, it is the best excuse other than Halloween to eat loads of candy and chocolate guilt-free! Ah, Easter ... time to break out your pretty party dress, dye some eggs, and throw your annual Easter Egg Hunt.

We have the must-haves and a few new ideas to make your hunt egg-tra special this year!

1. Jelly beans and chocolate bunnies. Really any kind of candy will do as filler for baskets and plastic eggs. These are the classic Easter sweets that we all enjoy. Remember, jelly beans are fat-free (yippee!), though be careful, as they can be choking hazards for your littlest egg hunters.

2. Baskets. Everyone will need something to collect their hidden treasures. Some guests may bring their own, but it's always good to have a few on hand for those that don't. Small gifts bags from any party store in pastel colors are a great alternative to the straw baskets -- perfect if you are having a lot of kiddos over for the hunt. Have your kids help decorate them the day before.

3. Dyed eggs. Of course, this a no-brainer must for any Easter egg hunt. Go grab the old-school PAAS kit from your grocery store, boil some eggs, and have some fun. Want to really impress your guests? Download Egg Dyeing 101, a special app from the hostess with the mostest, Martha Stewart. The app gives you step-by-step instructions on how to create some dyed masterpieces!

4. Games other than the egg hunt. The hunt only lasts so long, and soon those kiddos are going be on a super sugar-high and will need something to do. Drag Twister outside and play it in the yard or set up an obstacle course they have to hop through. Or, since we were just speaking of apps, there are a few great apps with Easter themes: Flip Egg, which is Memory but with Easter eggs, and Dress Eggy, where you decorate a virtual egg with cool patterns and fun backgrounds.

5. Stuff to eat besides sweets. Everyone will want to munch on something other than candy. Keep it simple. Make some sandwiches filled with cheese, turkey, or avocado and use egg- or bunny-shaped cookie cutters for a festive twist. For drinks, mimosas are always a good choice, or stir up some cosmos but rename them Bunny-tinis.

6. Eggs with non-candy fun. Instead of filling those plastic eggs with M&Ms, stash riddles in there that the kids have to solve to get a small prize. You can also stuff them with small toys, like Hot Wheels for the boys or fun costume jewelry for the girls.

7. Indoor hiding places. Always good to scout these out in case of rain -- or if you don't have a yard. Our best bets: in mugs in the kitchen, nestled in stuffed animals hands, in the bathroom sink, in potted plants, in place of a few book on bookshelves, on candlesticks, in the toaster oven.

8. Peeps. Sugary. Cute. Yummy. Do I need to go on?

What Easter Egg Hunt must-have did we miss?


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