Suri Cruise Wants X-Rated Candy, Refuses Car Seat!

Suri CruiseI've always rooted for Katie Holmes, but now I'm getting to the point where I'm a wee bit concerned for Suri Cruise. It's one thing to be a relaxed parent and let the child make a lot of their own choices, but there comes a point when a mom needs to step in.

Suri (with mom Katie in tow) was recently spotted out at Serendipity 3, a chic resto with expensive ice cream in NYC, past midnight with some Penis Gummie candies. Yes, gummies that look like tiny man parts. Something intended for a bachelor party is not appropriate for a little kid, at all. Remember, Suri isn't even 5 yet. But that's not the worst of it.


Katie had an excuse for the penis candy on Ellen, explaining that the shop is normally kid-friendly and she didn't expect them to be on the shelf. Okay, but it was after midnight. How many kid-friendly places are open that late? Just because they have ice cream doesn't mean it's a kids' place. Their Banana Splits cost $22.50 by the way.

I think it's okay that Suri enjoyed some Starbucks or drew some tattoos on her legs. Her super-expensive Dolce & Gabbana purse only really makes me wince because I just paid the same amount for a CAR, and her Halloween costume cost just a little less than what I pay in rent for a whole year, but hey, if Katie wants to spoil her kid, she has the money, so why not?

What really got me and just made me want to shake Katie and say, "PARENT YOUR CHILD!" was that an eyewitness said Katie and a nanny couldn't get Suri into her car seat. And Katie let it slide.

Katie, I know you swore that Suri is doing "just fine" -- THAT is NOT fine. If she wants to run in the highway, are you going to let her? Did you let her stick a fork in an electrical socket? Parenting differences aside, at least protect your child's LIFE. A car seat is not an option. It won't matter what choices you make if your child ends up dead on the side of the road, and no amount of money thrown her way can bring her back.

In this case, the Penis Gummies were nothing. To completely let a child rule the roost to the point where their own health and safety are in danger from overly-permissive or "Carpet" parenting is just wrong.

What do you think of Katie Holmes' parenting style? Would you let your child eat Penis Gummies? Ride in a car without a car seat?


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