Breast Milk Baby Controversy Is Ridiculous (VIDEO)


breast milk babyThe other day my 15-month-old son tugged at my shirt and said, "Mummies," the word he uses when he wants mama's milk. He associates breasts with breast milk. Victory in the making. Breasts aren't (only) for sexual pleasure; they are a food source. Sure someday he will be excited when he's 37 years old and getting to first base, but learning about breastfeeding at a young age is healthy. Which is why I love Breast Milk Baby.

NYC's local Fox 5 News' segment on Breast Milk Baby showed that most felt that it's too soon for kids to have a doll like this. Too soon? So it's not okay to have a doll that educates kids that this is how babies eat? We should instead give them plastic dolls with massive breasts, wearing tight and provocative clothing, or makeup kits so they can learn that they should alter their natural appearance to look good. Oh yes, that makes total sense. Breast Milk Baby seems so taboo in comparison!

But the worst offense during this news broadcast came from a child psychologist, a woman with a Ph.D. Her name is [redacted] and she said this:

A bottle -- a boy can use and a girl can use and later on fathers can use a bottle to feed and so do mothers -- both genders can appreciate the product. Whereas here it is focused on -- much more catered to women and can serve as a confusing mechanism for boys.

Why is this child psychologist saying something like this? Why did Fox 5 news use a damaging quote like that? (Don't answer that if you hate Fox.) Is [redacted] saying that bottles trump breasts? What does she mean by "later on fathers can use a bottle to feed ...." And of course the doll caters to women, well girls really. Because women are the ones who give birth and lactate. Meaning, [redacted], in case you didn't know, mama's milk is called that because it is something that women produce. And guess what? There is a role for fathers in breastfeeding, too. It's called support. And if a parent (or redacted) wants a doll for a boy to learn how to be helpful, there's Baby Alive Changing Time Baby -- a doll that needs a diaper change.

When kids are exposed to breastfeeding, it helps them learn it's something moms do to feed their baby. Some even see their moms nursing their younger sibling. Breastfeeding is natural. We shouldn't get all uptight about a doll that mimics the natural way a baby eats. 

What do you think of the Breast Milk Baby? Would you get one for your child?

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sassy... sassykat122

I too didn't quite get why this is a big deal. We have Bratz dolls and Barbie dolls- which are incredibly provocatvie- and baby dolls that teach kids it's time to bottle feed baby or hug baby or change babies diaper. Breastfeeding is just as normal when it comes to infants as those things are, why a big deal?

Nicole Roland Robben

I love this.  Especially since it has that shirt/bib thing so that little girls can pretend to breastfeed without having to pull their shirts up to do it. 

Catie Kuhn

I think breastmilk baby is awesome, though with the $99 price tag I won't be buying one. I have a son, and another on the way, and want my children to know that THIS is how children should be fed.

RanaA... RanaAurora

Overpriced and ridiculous -- it's almost $100 dollars! But you know what? If people are going to hand babies bottles for their dolls, then wonder why they don't see breastfeeding as normal, they need a smack upside the head.

And that doctor is a moron. There is NO "too young" for kids to know that breasts = baby food.

Lyn Salazar

I am getting one of these for my youngest daughter!

mesai mesai

I would SOOOO get this for my DD, but I can't afford it at that price...

elfis... elfishpirat

My son already "breastfeeds" his stuffed animals. It's great that there is now a doll on the market that promotes the normal mode of feeding, but I don't need to buy one. lol

Jenni Churchill Meritt

Where can you get this baby? I would LOVE to get one for my little girl! She already wants to nurse the babies she has!As for FOX news,I'm sure there was other PhD's that said it was normal but they used the one that said it just wasn't "fair" to boys and confusing. Most boys don't have baby dolls and when they play house with the girls they can learn at an early age to support the nursing mom! I see NOTHING wrong with this baby doll or it's meaning!

mumma... mummajenni

It seems some of the (ill thought out) controversy is that this doll encourages little girls to want to have babies of their own... too soon. I can assure the 'experts' that my having a Baby Alive Doll when I was 5 did not in fact result in my becoming a Teen Mom... if that's the argument, any doll is dangerous, not just a breastfeeding doll.

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