Twin Toddlers Have Cutest 'Conversation' Ever (VIDEO)


There is probably nothing cuter in the world than a baby human (or baby anything, really), so when you have two of them, oh lord, the cuteness! Who can stand it?

The twins in this video are clearly engaged in a very important conversation that neither seems willing to relent on. Is it an argument? A secret twin language?

Some believe that twins have a secret language that only they can understand, but others say that is just a myth caused by two babies learning to babble together. What is clear is that two young babies quickly realize how enamored we are by their chatting together and quickly learn to manipulate it.

See the video:

My children aren't twins like these two, but they're only 18 months apart, and they love to hug each other and cuddle. But these parents should watch out.

My children now love to hug one another and then glance up at us to make sure we're watching. "Aren't we sooooooo cute?" my daughter will ask in her most adorable "I am trying to get something from you" voice. This is quickly followed by: "Now can I have a popsicle/lollipop/toy/etc.?"

Yes, they're adorable. And yes, it works. So watch it parents of twins and close-in-age siblings. They know exactly how cute they really are.

Do your kids have a secret language?


Image via YouTube

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sassy... sassykat122

Ha! I saw this on the news last night! So funny. I think they really were talking about the one boy only having one sock on and the other having two mismatched socks on!

melan... melanniek

Well my goodness that was frickin' ADORABLE!!!  Maybe they were discussing the missing sock LOL....LOVE IT

melan... melanniek

@SASSYKAT....great minds think alike....your post wasn't up when I was writing mine lol

minim... minimom424

Maybe they're copying what they see their parents do.

sassy... sassykat122

MelannieK, it always cracks me up when my little man spots another little person.

Simpl... Simplicity3

They are discussing how to raid the freezer for ice cream while their parents aren't watching.  lol


mesai mesai

This is too cute! I bet they are talking about how their socks, and how the missing one went missing...

maiah... maiahlynn

they are cute.. maybe talking about their legs & where one of them left his sock, or maybe auguring over how to get that freezer open.. yes I do think twins have their own language. 

lilmi... lilminnie

LOL...very cute i bet some of that conversation has to do with him trying to remember where he left his other sock..hahaha

nonmember avatar Shelly

Twins creep me out...
I watched a bit and had to turn it off.

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