Perez Hilton Children's Book Might Be His Best Writing Yet


perez hilton childrens bookWe've seen the era of celebrity children's books authors come ... and stay. Every celeb from Jeff Foxworthy to Kristi Yamaguchi to Julianne Moore has written a book for kids. Some books penned by celeb authors are really great, some are ... meh. Little did I ever think celebrity blogger Perez Hilton would be on that list.

The man who dishes the dirt on Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and everyone in Hollywood is writing a picture book. Yes, the gossip king himself is joining the ranks of Madonna and Julie Andrews, heading for your kiddo's bookshelf. Titled The Boy With Pink Hair, it is set to hit stores this fall.

Are you a shocked Suzie? Are you already a naysaying Nancy? Don't poo-poo it just yet, mamas!

I'm a book nerd, so is my husband, and (knock wood) Kiddo is too. She loves books, so I'm always on the lookout for new stories, new bedtime tales. But, dang, it's tough to find some good ones.

Writing a children's book, with a good story, some humor, that can hold the interest of both Kiddo and Mommy, is big guns. It's hard. It's near impossible. Definitely not as easy as you would think (take it from me, card-carrying member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, donchaknow).

That being said, I think Perez Hilton may just have what it takes to write a fabu kids' book. Now, hear me out. Sure he's snarky, sassy, he could border close to mean on the scale. But, think about it. Some of the best picture book characters have spunk with a capital S. Take Olivia by the genius Ian Falconer. The pig gets into trouble, she's stubborn, she daydreams, she's annoying at times, she even gets a time-out in the first book about her. Nick Bruel's Bad Kitty is another fantabulous book where humor for Mom and Dad gets mashed with kid fun.

Perez's book is about a boy with -- as the title suggests -- some different colored hair and “celebrates individuality and self-acceptance.” That's a tried-and-true theme for celeb authors, so perfect for Perez. Reminds me of Harvey Fierstein's yummy tale The Sissy Ducking. If Perez goes too far to the snark, it won't be a hit, but methinks his editors will be sure the tone is kid-friendly enough.

And just look at that cute cover -- if all of the "retro-feeling" illustrations by Jen Hill are as groovy as the front, this book-loving mama may just have to pre-order it.

What do you think of Perez Hilton's children's book?

Image courtesy of Penguin Young Readers Group/Celebra Children's Books

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Ether... EtherealFantasy

I'm not sure about the book.... I'll look at it when it comes out but if I don't like it then we won't be buying it. The guy has made a living off of bullying other people. Then the latest he wants people to boycott Chick-Fil-A just cause he don't like their values/fundamentals....
Seriously can't help but wonder how much of this book he'll actually be writing...

I'll look before I leap. Not saying "NO" but not saying "YES" either... we shall see.

nonmember avatar Perez Hilton

let's hope there are no penis drawings with white stuff squirting out like you have drawn on celebrity photos!!

nonmember avatar NO SALE

What decent mother would buy her kid a book by a hate monger like Perez Hilton? Khloe Kardarsian called him "my personal bully" YIKES!

Chelsie Lockhart

just to catch everyone up. he no longer does those drawings AND doesn't make fun of celebrities anymore. he made the decision not to advocate bullying or do it himself. people can have a change of heart.

Brittany Collins

i'll take a peek at it. Perez seems to be doing a lot of good work lately and using his celebrity for better things than bullying these days so maybe that will translate well into his book :)

mommy... mommythree0508

Yeah,I'm good. No way will I buy that.

Melissa Berry Lutz

I will sooo be buying this book for my son. Perez Hilton came into the scene on a bad note yes. However, nobody said his site was for children. But he has had a turn around and I think the book is going to be great!!! LOVE YOU PEREZ!

Jen Hill

It's a very sweet book. I am honored to have illustrated it! Come September I think you'll agree :)

Shan Turner

Easter Basket Good!! PEOPLE

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