Girl's Room Showdown: Which One Do You Like?

Pink Daisy Garden bedroom Pottery Barn Kids

When my daughter was born, we didn't have the time or the money to give her a proper nursery. We just threw her crib, an old dresser, and a used changing table in a former guest room. 

To this day there's still nothing hanging on her walls. For the past four years, the poor thing has been looking at matronly floral curtains, a dull beige area rug, and a very un-girly back-and-white framed photo of the Civil War that we never managed to take down.



Marissa bedroom Pottery Barn Kids


I've still got some saving to do, but it's high time I give her the pink-filled room she deserves.

On my budget, I probably won't be shopping at Pottery Barn Kids, but I'm going to do my best to replicate one of these two looks (from an old catalog I saved ...). 

So, please help me decide ...

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