Suri Cruise Has a Pacifier at 5 & My Daughter Might Too


Suri CruiseIt's being called "Binkygate" by some as, horror of horrors, Suri Cruise has been spotted recently walking around with a pacifier in her mouth. Yes, she is going to be 5 next month, but really, who cares? Everyone it seems; people are simply aghast.

Some say she's spoiled and coddled; others worry she has mental problems; and yet others shriek warnings of the orthodontia bills to come, forgetting I guess that Tom Cruise can probably afford them with no problem. Some even blame Scientology. As an insider told PopEater:

Suri just isn't told 'no' very often. Scientology encourages you to make your own decisions and learn lessons as you live your life. She'll know herself when it's time to throw the pacifier away, plain and simple.

I'm no Scientologist, but I've gotta say: I agree.

My son was 4 before he gave his pacifier up, and he's a healthy, happy 7-year-old today with no signs of being worse for the wear for it. It comforted him through a cross-country move, a new house, new preschool, and all the other things his toddlerhood brought. I almost wish he still has that constant source of comfort as new fears and uncertainties come into his mind with age.

My daughter is 2, and going strong on her pacifier. We probably have 40 of them -- in the car, in her crib, in various rooms. She doesn't have one in her mouth all the time, but when she needs it or feels anxious, she gets one. It helps her sleep, which helps everyone in our home sleep. I adore pacifiers come to think of it.

People say children need to find other ways to cope, but why if this works? It certainly doesn't get in the way of her talking, that's for sure, as she never stops; and as for the dental issues -- there may or may not be evidence that it's going to cost us more down the line. I've read both sides (admittedly most say it will), but most kids these days need braces anyway, so I'm banking on that no matter what.

She'll give it up when she's ready, but if she chooses to go to college with one, well then that's fine too -- unlikely, but fine. I have no intention of trying to break this habit anytime soon, and I don't care if Tom and Katie break Suri of her habit either. Why would I?

But I know -- oh I know -- how many people feel differently. I find it fascinating just how opinionated people are about what other parents choose to let their own children do when it comes to things -- like pacifiers -- that aren't hurting anyone else. So step down pacifier police, they're our kids and our dental bills to pay. If you don't like it, don't look.

What do you think of Suri Cruise, or any 5-year-old, still having a pacifier?

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73angel 73angel

Personally I do not care if someone chooses to let there kid suck on a pacifier for years, but at 1 1/2 my dd started biting clean through them. So we took them away. I find it dangerous for a older toddler to have them since I had to fish the bitten off end out of my child's mouth, but to each his own.

Pbutt... Pbuttercup0625

I hate pacifiers...I really do. I think they just look stupid hanging out of a toddler's mouth.  I just don't see them as something that is necessary.  Your kid doesn't NEED it (though you and they might think they do).  Take it away from them, yes you will have a few days of discomfort seeing as your kid is so freaking used to the dang thing (cause had you taken it away long before instead of using it as a mouth plug when they were a baby they wouldn't notice when its not there), but it will soon be a distant memory and they will be able to comfort themselves on their own without having to suck on something. I just think there are so many better ways for your child to comfort themselves instead of sucking on a freaking pacifier.

Lynette Lynette

I don't care that she uses them but not out in public.  At that age they should be only allowed at bedtime.  I didn't to pacifiers for my 3 kids

bills... billsfan1104

To me, its about lazy parenting. Are you telling me that after one, the kids are still sucking on one? I guess I am lucky. My kids never used one and thank God.

vamom08 vamom08

I think the pacifer should be taking when they develop teeth because its a choking hazard but whateva its not my child.

sassy... sassykat122

Again to PButtercup and Billsfan-why so opinionated on something that does not harm the public or the child and if they are not your children what does it matter. The "lazy parenting" could be said for blankets, stuffed animals, thumbsuckers, etc. and but, again 1)not your child 2)not harming said child or anyone else 3)should there be orthodontia bills whos to say it was the pacifier that did it. I agree with the blogger, STEP DOWN PACIFIER POLICE

ready... readyforbaby3

I usually wean my kids by 2yrs old (eliminating day use and allowing night time use). I find that it's harder to wean them after they've hit 1yr of age. I always find it weird to see a big 4yr old with a paci hanging out of their mouths. I once observed a mother and son (who looked to be about 4 or 5yrs old) in an office and he was basically talking back etc, next thing you know she whips out a paci and gives it to him. Well, i know i wasn't the only one shocked because most of the other parents in the office stared in disbelief as well...LOL

bsawy... bsawyer84

The discomfort of orthodontic work should be enough to discourage you from allowing your child to suck on a pacifier. I had four years of severe headaches, sleepless nights, and extreme discomfort on planes (which I traveled on often to visit parents) because of braces. Quit being lazy, be a parent, and deny your child for their own good. You'll be kicking yourself later when you have to listen to your 10 year old crying all night because they're in so much pain and you can't do anything for it.

Cryst... CrystalCloud

Shame on parents for letting babies/toddlers sooth themselves with a comforting object. This is the same as bedtime routines, bottle/nursing before bed, having a binkie or teddy bear. These comments are from not knowing or understanding pacifiers and toddlers. Why is 1 the cut off age for so many things? Why take something away from them when they clearly aren't ready? Oh because your pediatrician and parenting books said so. What happened to learning and understanding YOUR child and child lead weaning? Any way, it is a myth about teeth damage as long as they are still baby teeth.

glowmom5 glowmom5

I had two thumb suckers and two pacifier users.  I do not think pacifier use is "lazy parenting" as some of your brash opinions indicated.  Babies have a need to suck.  I have watched some of my babies fall asleep without a pacifier or thumb and their little mouths are still sucking away.  I made the mistake of over-nursing my first because he was fussy a lot.  He probably just wanted to suck, so he got a pacifier.  He gave it up on his own shortly after he turned three because he was biting holes in it, and HE decided it wasn't good to suck on any more.  The other pacifier user, well, we lost his (really) right before we went out of town, and he survived the weekend without it (he was three, as well).  My first thumb sucker also had a cleft palate, so when he had his surgery, his arms were in splints so he couldn't suck his thumb, so that cured him.  My youngest is three and sucks his thumb - when he's tired, mad, frustrated.  At this point, it's just a habit that I am not too worried about.  He's been to the dentist, who is not worried either.  I agree with Julie that he'll probably need some sort of braces anyway, so if it comforts him, I'm not going to try any bizarre methods to get him to stop.

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