Mom Cooks Child in Oven, Heck Yes I Am Judging!


Typically, I'm the first to say we moms need to stop judging each other, but some cases are just so egregious, we really can't help it. Moms who abuse or kill their children are generally not the most sympathetic characters, though there are extenuating circumstances (think Andrea Yates) when you factor in postpartum depression or psychosis.

And then there is a Mississippi mom like Terrie Robinson who took her 3-year-old son -- who was either sleeping or already hurt, it's unclear -- and put him in the oven. Police say the boy, Tristan, was found charred and still “warm to the touch” when they recovered his body.

Robinson's twin sister, Sherrie Robinson, was quoted telling WXTV:

She was a great parent, a good person. We don’t know what’s wrong ... If you don't know her, don't criticize her.

Right. Because we live in a world where moms who don't want to breastfeed are taken to task and moms like Rahna Reiko Rizzuto are scorned and mocked for being open about not wanting to have been a mom, but still doing their best. And we aren't supposed to judge this lady?

Sometimes it feels like the world has gone insane with judgement. We are all busy arguing over co-sleeping and formula versus breastfeeding while there are mothers out there putting THEIR CHILDREN INTO OVENS. I think most of us can agree that we want the best for our children. Even if we disagree with our methods of getting there.

This notion that there is one right way to parent is as out to lunch as the idea that we wouldn't judge a mom who put her sleeping child into an oven. That is to say, there are many different kinds of good moms and even if you have a PhD in parenting (which, by the way, doesn't exist), you still don't automatically become a parenting expert in another person's children.

But yes, I judge a mom who physically or verbally abuses her child. I judge a mom who puts her child into the oven. Because if things were really that bad, there were outlets, places she could have turned to first before resorting to such a hideous act. Sometimes the best thing we can do as parents is admit we are failing, that we don't have all the answers, and that we need help.

I judge a mom who can't ask for help and who lets it get to that point. To Robinson's sister, I might pose the question: If putting one's child in the oven doesn't make a "bad mom," then what does?

Yes, I judge her. And yes, I hope she is punished for what she did. If she needs help, I hope she gets it. But she was still a very, very bad mom. And her poor little boy paid the price.

It's unbelievably wrong and sad.

Do you judge a mom like this?


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sodapple sodapple

wow! what is this world coming to?

Babyl... Babylove76

I disagree. She's not a bad mom - she's a MONSTOR!! Plain and simple!! R.I.P. little baby boy!!

im sorry

mommy... mommyziegler

People are sick!!! So many innocent little babies and children out there dying because someone should not have been a mom! And yes i would judge!

Marie Spiegle

Yes, I judge her my god. What a horrible Mother if we can call her a mother. I am a mother of 5 grown children, the thought of hurting my children would never enter my mind. A mother is supposed to keep her children safe, not kill them. If she WAS sick she should have gotton help!!

xavie... xavierlogan09

absolutely. like you said she could have gotten help. she is a sick and horrid human being. her sister is an idiot to think she was a good mom. good mothers don't kill or abuse their children.

Strega Strega

Hell yeah, I'll judge her. There are no words and no punishment too great for this waste of space.

3wond... 3wonderfullboys

WOW I thought I was going to throw up.  This makes my sick to my stomach.


Amanda Tyner-Daras

This "Mom" deserves whatever she gets. You are right, there were so many outlets for her, so many things she could have done to get help. How in the world could she have done this! She is a MONSTER!!!

Tyger... Tygermommanikki

There is more information on this case on a true crime site blog i follow and the sister wouldn't want ot come to that site, the Momster needs to be placed in a ELECTRIC oven and baked slowly to death like she did her poor innocent baby. If the Momster was such a great mother why was the CHILD ALIVE AND IN AN OVEN COOKED TO DEATH> this is not a case of a baby trying to climb out of a high chair and sliding off (accident) this isn't a case of rolling off a couch this was picking up a 3 year old child placing them into an oven and killing him!!! THe momster deserves NO sympathy! And no cop out to blame mental illness , many people who are completely beyond mentally ill do not harm children and im tired of the premeditated murder of children being blamed on mental illness and adding to the stigma real people with real problems face each and every day!

Aleashia Stephens

This makes me want to vomit...and put the mother in the oven and see how she likes it.

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