Charlie Sheen Children Are Screwed

 charlie sheen children
Charlie Sheen on TODAY
How many of you wasted company time watching the many Charlie Sheen interviews online today? (I'm raising one hand while typing with the other.) The declaration that he's a "bi-winner" not "bi-polar," and his assertion that he has "tiger blood and Adonis DNA" are good for many, many laughs. I guarantee you I'm going to throw out any of the above catchphrases at a party at some point in my near future.

But what's not so funny is that in addition to Sheen's "goddesses," his twin toddler boys were also around when he was giving his cuckoo interviews.

Brooke Mueller, I'm sorry for what you're having to go through, what you have gone through, and what will be your sorry future with the father of your children, but you need to hear this: Keep your children away from Charlie Sheen, at all costs. 


As a child of an addict, I can tell you that the best way to protect your child is to shield that child. Even if Sheen did pass a recent drug test, the years of drug abuse have clearly damaged his brain, perhaps beyond repair. Additionally, this is not a guy who is going to stay clean.

I am a believer in not trashing the other parent when you're in a volatile situation, such as a divorce. But as a child who would have much preferred to have known the truth, and to have been protected from an addict in a self-destructive phase, I can say that these children need to stay far, far away from Sheen. Perhaps until they're of legal age to make their own decisions. Moving into a compound or in the neighborhood isn't even close to being a good idea.

Denise Richards has said before that Sheen is a good father. That's bullshit. A good father doesn't do this to his kids. Even if addiction and mental illness have taken hold -- which, clearly, they have -- there's no excuse for Sheen's abusive and violent (oh, wait, I'm sorry, passionate) behavior. Not when you're a parent, and not when your children will be able to see this crazy online for the rest of their lives.

So ladies, if you're one of the three mothers of Sheen's children, please, please, please use this public display of crazy to stop any sort of visitation. Your children will thank you when they're old enough to understand that you stood up for them.

Do you think Charlie Sheen should be allowed to see his kids?


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