World's Scariest Daycare Busted


daycareEvery day when I drop my daughter off for preschool, I have a small surge of concern imagining just what could happen when I'm away from her all day. But never in my wildest, overprotective dreams could I have imagined the horrors that were found in a Pittsburgh daycare recently. During an undercover drug bust, police found loads of drugs and sex toys littered amongst the children's toys at R&B Childcare Services.

Right there in the facility where children played, ate their snacks, and napped, police found $6,000 worth of crack, bags full of sex toys, and $4,000 in cash. Oh, and there was pornography laying about the place too, which is I guess what people who buy drugs like to peruse while they're doing a deal?

Absolutely horrifying, and how could someone not have known? There were between 10-15 children attending, you would think someone would have seen something.

One parent who pulled her son from the school said she thought something wasn't right when she saw strange people coming and going from the facility throughout the day. After learning of the bust, she told WXPI:

There are no words to explain when you hear your son is going to a day care where drugs are being sold ... sex toys ... and there are children there all day.

No words is right. It pains me to think of how these children were treated and/or neglected during all the dealings at this place.

Reanell T. Booke, the daycare's owner, was arrested Friday. According to The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, she faces charges of possession of an illegal substance, possession with intent to deliver, and possession of drug paraphernalia. She could be charged with child endangerment too, which I would think would be a given.

Clearly this is an extreme example of child care gone bad, very bad. But each story I hear like this makes that little surge of worry I have each morning grow a little more and reminds me that occasional surprise drop-ins are never a bad idea.

Can you imagine learning that your child's daycare was doubling as a drug operation?

Image via Christian Church of the Hills/Flickr

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Beths... Bethsunshine

I'm wondering why the parents didn't inspect the daycare THOROUGHLY before leaving their children there.

xavie... xavierlogan09

this is why my son will never be in daycare. it's way too expensive. i hear a new story every week on the news about daycares being terrible and abusing children. there was just a home daycare that caught fire. the daycare worker was on facebook while the seven child weren't being watched four of them died. their ages ranged from 18 months to 3 years old. i see more and more daycares using children as a way to make money instead of actually wanting to care for others children. it's very sad. i'm glad this woman was caught. 

nonmember avatar MSGal

How on Earth could you not have suspected something?? I checked out my son's daycare...I got references, I pop in at random times, I would definetly question any strang people walking through -- totally blame the parents for being so blind. And with only 10-15 children, this might have been a home daycare which would make you even more alert when you see strange people. Crazy!!


Holy crap! How did this stuff get "overlooked"???

Christeen Conrad

That's weird the stuff was laying around with the toys. The other parents were probably getting in on the action. I've been in my daughter's daycare all the the time. How does one miss it?

Stefa... Stefanie83

From the link, it appears that the drugs and toys were in a room where toys are stored, not out in the open.  It is really hard to believe that there weren't signs that the parents should have spotted, but I suppose it is possible.  This woman and her "clients" are dispicable.

Heart... HeartCharmMama

I would go absolute ape s#*t if I learned that from my child's daycare--which I'm so glad he's not in one.  There are way too many horror stories about daycares and, even more scary, daycare drivers leaving children in the daycare vans. No, no way.  Way too expensive and for a lot of them, so not worth it. 

More power to the parents who do put their children in daycares but it's not my thing.  And if I feel the need to do the surprise drop-ins, then there is no trust, therefore no reason to put my child in daycare.

kittymom kittymom

You know there is all this talk about day care and the ills that go on in them but not all daycares are this way and not all are VERY expensive.   I take my daughter to a very good, reasonable one and I have not had any issues at all with the day care.

My concern is when she goes to elementary school - all the talk about shootings, people in the buildings that don't belong, teachers accused of sex with students, buses letting kids off at the wrong stops - guess I will have to quite my job and start home schooling cause I just can not see how people could let their kids go to school any schools.

Proud... ProudSingleMum

Okay...while this is certainly NOT GOOD...It's not nearly as horrible as I had suspected when I opened this. I was thinking it was going to be all about the rape/molestation of the children. All things considered...sounds like the kids made it out safely.

sodapple sodapple

If I'm ever dropping my child at a daycare I would inspect it first.

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