World's Scariest Daycare Busted

daycareEvery day when I drop my daughter off for preschool, I have a small surge of concern imagining just what could happen when I'm away from her all day. But never in my wildest, overprotective dreams could I have imagined the horrors that were found in a Pittsburgh daycare recently. During an undercover drug bust, police found loads of drugs and sex toys littered amongst the children's toys at R&B Childcare Services.

Right there in the facility where children played, ate their snacks, and napped, police found $6,000 worth of crack, bags full of sex toys, and $4,000 in cash. Oh, and there was pornography laying about the place too, which is I guess what people who buy drugs like to peruse while they're doing a deal?


Absolutely horrifying, and how could someone not have known? There were between 10-15 children attending, you would think someone would have seen something.

One parent who pulled her son from the school said she thought something wasn't right when she saw strange people coming and going from the facility throughout the day. After learning of the bust, she told WXPI:

There are no words to explain when you hear your son is going to a day care where drugs are being sold ... sex toys ... and there are children there all day.

No words is right. It pains me to think of how these children were treated and/or neglected during all the dealings at this place.

Reanell T. Booke, the daycare's owner, was arrested Friday. According to The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, she faces charges of possession of an illegal substance, possession with intent to deliver, and possession of drug paraphernalia. She could be charged with child endangerment too, which I would think would be a given.

Clearly this is an extreme example of child care gone bad, very bad. But each story I hear like this makes that little surge of worry I have each morning grow a little more and reminds me that occasional surprise drop-ins are never a bad idea.

Can you imagine learning that your child's daycare was doubling as a drug operation?

Image via Christian Church of the Hills/Flickr

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