Stay Away, Creepy Princess Diana Doll!

creepy baby dollsNumber one on your list of what not to get the future Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, would be this Princess Diana porcelain baby doll from Franklin Mint. In fact, this should be number one on your list to not get anyone. Except for maybe your weird neighbor who has not been the same since August 31, 1997. That is, if you were inclined to spend $150 on the cuckoo next door.

I'm not totally anti-doll (well, maybe just a little), but I'm definitely anti-creepy doll. And as others have pointed out, the weird thing about this baby Princess Di is that it's based on her AS AN ADULT. So you've got this adult face and haircut on a chubby little baby body. WEIRD.

Even weirder than these dolls:




creepy baby dollsYou know you've always wanted a zombie baby. This Zombaby is up for adoption today for only $23.97! You could do worse.

creepy baby dollsLike this. Is it just me or do these gals look like they're about to start a nasty rumour about you under the bleachers?

creepy baby dollsWhich is still better than coming to life and killing you in your sleep.


Which of these dolls is the creepiest?


Images (top to bottom): Franklin Mint, Etsy, fantasy prof/Flickr, Sherry's Rose Cottage/Flickr

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