Do Happy Meal Toys Make Your Kids THIS Crazy? (VIDEO)


Happy MealsSan Francisco has banned them, as has many an individual parent, but still kids go crazy for Happy Meal Toys. No matter what shape plastic has been molded into or which character they boast, kids want those little treasures.

Some, however, seem to be more excited by them than others. Just check out this video the guys over at Playground Dad found of this kid who goes ballistic for a SpongeBob toy. It's appropriately titled "Crack in Happy Meal McDonald's."

Do your kids get that excited? We rarely eat fast food (unless you count Chipotle, and I don't; I consider it the food of the gods), but when we do frequent McDonald's -- and I admit we do on occasion -- it's so much more about the toys than the food. I'm not sure my children even really like the food.

Their excitement for said toy is evident -- not nearly as evident as that of the boy in the video, but there's definitely some fun to be had. I'm even a little impressed from time to time at just how far these toys have come over the years. But the excitement is short-lived -- sometimes over before we've even left sight of the drive-thru. Then I'm left with a bunch of plastic crap.

If I throw it out, and one of my children happens to think of it again, I risk having to make a repeat trip or endure a tantrum. Since I'm not sure which is worse, I've come up with a system. Once they've been abandoned, I move them to a "holding pen" -- basically a bin in my laundry room. If no one squawks for them in a reasonable amount of time, then into the trash they go.

And that's my issue with the happy meal toys really -- the waste. I'm the parent, and I can (for the most part) determine what they eat or don't eat. I don't buy into that whole "big bad McDonald's is preying on our kids and making them fat" school of thought. But I do have a problem with all the waste -- of money and resources -- that go into Happy Meals (or any other fast food meal or birthday party goody bag) for such a short period of entertainment for our children.

Perhaps some biodegradable toys are in order? How great would it be if after a period of time, they just disappeared?

How excited do your children get about Happy Meal toys? What do you do with them when the excitement wears off?

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Phils... PhilsBabyMama

Every once in a while we have to get fast food for our son. Rarely. The last time was in December because we were making a move from Oklahoma to New York and food choices are slim when you're driving for 4 days straight.

  My son kinda likes the toy...then I usually throw it away the next day, (I swoop in quickly because god knows what kind of crappy Chinese lead paint they use and how many funky chemicals are in the cheap plastic.)  and he doesn't care at all.

Proud... ProudSingleMum

No. I've never understood why people let their children freak out about those toys. Now...I KNOW we can't control how our kids freak out at times. But when we go to MdD's 9 times out of 10 my son does NOT get a happy meal. It's cheaper for me to split with him, and we're usually headed somewhere where we have drinks (or we use some of the ones that I keep stocked in my car). I agree with you, waste is an issue.

If you get your kid a happy meal every time, they're going to expect the in reality, you create your own monster.

frysh... fryshannon34

My kids do get excited about it but not that excited!They are more concerned with the toy than the food though


My son doesn't eat them but he did love the Bionicle toys I bought him years ago.

tazdvl tazdvl

My girls don't get excited about the toy.

Mama0... Mama07Shorty

myson getsexcitedabout the playplace more then the toylol

Peajewel Peajewel

My daughter gets more excited over the toys in Burger Kings kid's meals.  She gets really excited about it.  But we don't eat at fast food so much any more so she does not get them. 

Speaking of the toys though, my Grandma died about two years ago at the age of 91 and my daughter got a basket of toys that were my Grandma's.  It was a pretty big basket and it was filled with nothing but toys from kid's meals that my Grandma had collected over the years.  However, my hubs was cleaning up one day and saw them in our sun room and tossed them all in the garbage because he thought they were nothing special.  I didn't realize it for about two weeks so it was too late to get them.  I was a little sad.

sodapple sodapple

I get my oldest a happy meal rarely, we have reduce the amount of fast food a lot since school has started. She asks for it but I do not buy it.

sodapple sodapple

I should add my daughter does not go crazy got those tips as the children in the video.

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