What Does Your Toddler's Haircut Say About You?

kid haircutWe just got back from the kiddo haircut spot, and my daughter is stoked. Not about her hairstyle, but about the free toys they give "good" kids, and the glitter they sprinkle into her hair after the styling is complete. Her haircut -- she could care less about. In fact, if we never took her to get her haircut, she'd be totally fine with that as well.

I, however, have some very specific ideas about my kids and their hair. Which might, in some circles, qualify me as a helicopter parent. Or, if you saw my son's current 'do as he rocks a mullet, a hipster parent. Probably a little bit of each of those stereotypes is true, and it shows up in my kid's hair.

Want to know what your kid's hair says about you?


Buzz Cut

In boys (hopefully not girls, until she's old enough to make this punk rock choice herself), this usually means mom is a) too tired to mess with it, b) preparing her kids for military service, or c) lives in the South, and it's summer.

Styled Mullet, Mohawk, Dreadlocks, Bowl Cut, Prince Valiant


Long & Flowing

In girls, mom or dad values feminine traits. The little girl with Rapunzel hair probably wears her fair share of pink and thinks outside play is icky. The opposite is true for boys with the flowing locks. Your parent is a free-thinking, non-conformist. For the boy or girl who lives in the Pacific Northwest, San Francisco, or Woodstock -- your mom is a hippie.

Bieber Hair on Boys/Girls With Bangs

Whether you're type A in everything may be debatable, but making sure your kids have the latest hairstyle before they're able to clamor for it themselves means you feel your kids are directly representing you. And you want to look like you're on top of your stuff. Also, your kids might be J.Crew models.

Big Chunk Missing

You foster independence in your kids, and you will pay for it.

What kind of haircut does your kid have?


Image via Steph Anderson/Flickr

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