Video Games to Potty Train?


toyletFor as much as technology has taken over many aspects of our lives, it hasn't really made its way into the parenting arena with much incredible impact. Sure there are video monitors for the nursery and wipe warmers, but when it comes down to the basics, we're doing things pretty much the same as they have been done for years. There may be a few more bells and whistles, but we certainly haven't seen anything as revolutionary to parenting as, say, the microwave is to cooking. They can put a man on the moon, but we still have to change diapers with our actual hands?

But that could all change when it comes to potty training.

In Tokyo, "toylets" have been introduced, which are basically urinals equipped with video games. No need to worry about all the germy hands on the controllers, because the game is actually controlled by one's urine stream. No joke. See them in action after the jump:

So what's that have to do with potty training? Nothing ... yet. Dana Rousmaniere over at Babble thinks they could be the best thing to happen to potty training if they were marketed to consumers in such a manner.

While I think there could be some real problems with teaching children to pee on their toys, I largely agree. My son would do anything to play (and win) at a video game -- much better idea than some star chart he could care less about.

And frankly when it comes to potty training, I'll try anything. I'd like recoil in horror and say how horrible to bring video games into the bathroom, can we do nothing without technology ... but I won't.

Potty training my son was worse than almost any other parenting challenge I've faced, and if some animation is going to help someone, then go for it. If they could encourage accuracy and perhaps putting the seat down well into adulthood, then I'm equipping my entire house.

My only reservation with the whole thing is: What about girls? I have a 2-year-old year old daughter who's ready to go, and I need help!

What do you think of the idea of video games to help potty train toddlers?


Image via YouTube

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sodapple sodapple

i like it, if they have it i would like it for girls too, i potty trained my oldest but it wasn't an easy task and the carpet took a toll.

nonmember avatar Anon

Hey, at least they have a sense of humor. As for potty training, I really think Americans make it into a lot bigger challenge than it is. Parents need to commit, that's all. Don't buy into the BS that (a) your kid is going to be permanently scarred if you don't cater to his elimination whims, or (b) your kid isn't "ready" until he can handle every personal need alone.

Phils... PhilsBabyMama

To help potty trainers? Dumb.  To help men who piss all over the floor in public bathrooms?  Genius.

lilel... lilelvengirl

^^ I agree with PhilsBabyMama... lmao

Peajewel Peajewel

Philsbabymama, very funny. 


Interesting. LOL

clean... cleanaturalady

Kind of strange, but it might work. 

sstepph sstepph

Hmm... Think Men need this as well!

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