Taking the Kids to Mexico: A Good Idea?

take the kids to mexico
Paradise? Or Parenting Mistake?
For the first time since my son was born, my family of four is headed out to a real family vacation. No work, no obligations, just time for some major relaxation. An especially memorable pre-kids vacation spot called our names again, so the hubs and I decided on a trip to Mexico to just chill for a few days. But suddenly, I'm not so relaxed about our chosen spot as an article in the LA Times highlights Mexico's drug war and tourism.

Oops. Did I just do one of those things that people do then they wind up in the news, and everyone says, "If only they hadn't taken the kids to the top of the volcano/to the front row of the drag race/to a war zone."

I don't think so, but that doesn't mean I won't lose some sleep over it as we pack our bags. Not enough to stop us from going, mind you, but some. Here's why it's still a great idea to go south of the border. Yes, it involves margaritas.

  • Strangely, even though deaths in the dramatic drug war that is gripping the country have gone up, tourism has too. So we won't be alone in our travels.
  • While the State Department does warn us to hide our jewelry, not to get in gypsy cabs, stay in tourist areas, and travel mostly by day -- I might give someone the same advice about certain areas of New York City. In fact, the area my family lived in in Brooklyn might appear threatening to tourists who got lost looking for the food revolution in an outer borough.
  • Because my toddler is going through a biting phase and I'm pretty sure he could fight off any kidnappers.
  • Because both of my kids are learning Spanish, and how cute will it be to hear my 21-month-old ask for leche?
  • Did I mention margaritas?

Would you take your family to Mexico on vacation?


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