At Elite Preschools, It's Toddler vs. Toddler

I'd imagine that living in New York City has tons of benefits for moms of toddlers -- the shows, the museums, the culture. But getting your child into a good preschool would definitely not be one of them, according to the new documentary Nursery University.

In the film, you see "a mother and father squabbling over whether to say in the application that their child hopes to 'engage' or 'explore' the school’s cultural activities," according to today's New York Times.


"Mothers, fathers, even nannies furiously speed-dialing various preschools, over and over, the day after Labor Day, in the hopes of breaking through busy signals just to get an application. Another mother worrying about whether she will be the only prospective parent donating a gift worth less than $500 to the auction of a school where she hopes her daughter will be admitted."

Wow. Next time I start complaining about having to bake cupcakes for my daughter's preschool bake sale, somebody stop me, please.

The documentary, an up close look at the excruciating admissions process at elite New York City preschools, by lawyer and filmmaker Marc Simon, is being shown for the first time in New York City this weekend. It will be on limited run in theaters in the spring.

Take a look at the Nursery University trailer and let me know if you've experienced anything even close to this when trying to get your preschooler into a program. What's your biggest complaint about the formal preschool process?

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