Keep Your 'Cool' Minivan Away From My Family


no minivanIt's official: It's okay to drive a minivan again. The New York Times says so, and a nation of former hipsters (now called "parents") are apparently pulling out their wallets to buy the monster gas guzzlers.

But unlike my pre-baby fitted tees, I'm not giving in to this mom accessory, no matter how hard the car companies try to make minivans look cool. Even though it would comfortably fit my family of four plus visiting relatives, instead of making someone squeeze into the spot between my 4-year-old's booster and the giant toddler car seat. But no one can convince me to give in to the van. Not even that adorable couple that look like people we playdate with on a regular basis (nailed it, Toyota!).

Sure I think about how much I would hate driving the minivan around, especially if I'm meeting a girlfriend out sans kids, but it's not just the "cool" factor that I'm considering. We have a 2003 white Nissan Altima with brown cloth interior; not cool.

It's the danger factor.

You see, I lived in New York for 13 years before returning to the land of the auto. Not only did I not do a whole heck of a lot of driving, I really loved not driving. And I haven't adjusted to careening a mid-sized automobile around just yet. Can you imagine the damage I would do with a minivan? My idea of hell would be parallel parking a minivan in front of the veterinarian's office. Followed by a trip to the pediatrician where every parking spot is marked "compact." That's a lot of broken rear-view mirrors, people.

Which is also why, even though I am sold on the geek chic of the station wagon (especially the VW -- have you seen the Jetta Sport?), I would also fear for my family's safety maneuvering through traffic if I had an extra load in the back. The last time I owned a car, it was a Geo Metro for chrissakes, and I'm pretty sure you could fit two of those in the Toyota Sienna.

So fellow drivers should actually thank me for not giving in to the minivan. Your bumpers will be much safer without me, in a minivan, on the road. You are welcome.

Are you a minivan convert?


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momof... momof030404

We dont have a mini van. My mom did and traded it in for much better gas mileage Mazda5 that seats 6 :) I want one of those! And I tell you what toyota lost meanyway with those bratty kid commercials! I just want to smack that child....and that'sbad.....I dont find it "cool" for your child to be little brat so the commercials lose their point for me.

Chris... Christina807

We have the Jetta wagon. Love it! We're also a family of 3, so a minivan isn't even a consideration at this point.

miche... micheledo

We have four kids under 5.  We have a minivan.  Not sure how we would fit 4 car seats into another vehicle.  :)

bless... blessedquiver

When this baby is born, my Suburban will become obsolete. It seats eight. When we get our taxes done, we will be getting a shuttle bus. NO kidding. A shuttle bus! I was sold on a 12 or 15 passenger van. It became my dream car years ago, when I let go of my goal of having a green Jag with fawn interior. LOL I got the suburban...with those colors for Christmas...brand new...the year before my last husband was killed. New hubby doesn't like the vans, so shuttle bus it will be. That way we have enough room for us, and other homeschooling families when we head out to the museums, fair, zoo, etc.

momto... momtothemax2910

I used to think I'd hate one but now I really want one.

tazdvl tazdvl

We have a mini van, I like it and it grew on my husband.

Jenny... JennyG0929

I miss my minivan that I HATED now that my kids have officially outgrown it.

I have "empty nested" a vehicle! Hubby bought me a nice Mercedes after all those years of "suffering", but I would give up the pristine leather heated seats and new car smell for just one more day in that raggedy thing... :(

Whenever I see one like ours I get nostalgic and teary. We had so many fun road trips to Disney, changing diapers in the back, stroller in, stroller out, fighting with the carseat(s),compartments full of juice boxes, cheerios and little socks. Fighting over the movie in the DVD, putting the seats together, then moving them back apart.

What will I do when they start moving out?? LOL

rosei... roseisrose

We have a Chrysler Town and Country Minivan and I love it! Its so easy to get the kids in and out, load up on lots of groceries or takin a drive into the mountains on the weekend. We're total dorks - we even have the family stickers on the back of ours and we wouldn't have it any other way :)

Peajewel Peajewel

I was very sad when my hubs decided we should buy a minivan.  He convinced me it was a great thing to have with our little one on the way.  I totally did not want it but he made such a convincing argument that I caved.  Then I realized he would continue to drive his manly Jeep while I drove the minivan.  I still am not a fan but I secretly love my blue monster!  I love all it does and has, I just wish I could call it something other than a minivan.

Lynette Lynette

love minivans!  As long as I have kids in the house it's what I want to drive.  So convenient for trips to grandmas and all the things we carry around with us.  It great for having space to get kids in and out of their winter gear w/out freezing during the process.  plus it fits the dog.  no complaints. 

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