10 Things You Can Never Have Enough of With Kids

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There are so many things you don't need with kids -- fancy toys, wipe warmers, top of the line clothing ... I could go on all day. And then there are the things that you don't think about needing, but there never seem to be enough of. Things like these:


1. Spoons. For some reason, spoons are like socks in my house. Their mates, the forks and knives, are plentiful, but spoons are always scarce.

2. Socks. They're like spoons, after all. My poor kids (ranging in age and sex) share the same stash and there are just never enough.

3. Mr. Clean Erasers. How did we ever live without these things? They get crayons off the wall, clean the hell out of pots and pans, and make ratty sneakers look like new. I think they are one of the best inventions ever.

4. Band-Aids. I simply cannot keep our house stocked with these. It's no surprise; it seems that every minuscule cut and imaginary boo-boo requires at least three.

5. Snacks. Food, we always have, but snacks seem to evaporate. Must be because the kids ask for them every three seconds.

6. Tights. My daughter is simply incapable of wearing a pair of tights without ripping them. Let's just say it runs in the family.

7. Toothbrushes. I am constantly finding toothbrushes on the floor by the toilet and being used to brush Polly Pocket hair. I simply can't maintain a large enough stash.

8. Elastics. I have no idea what my daughter does with these things, but whenever I need to pull my hair back, they are nowhere to be found.

9. Wipes. You can never have enough wipes. Period. I use them to remove makeup, clean counters, and remove smudges from everything. I will be buying them long after my youngest is out of diapers.

10. Arms. With just one more, I think I could probably rule the world.

What do YOU never have enough of?

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shine... shineyllamatues

I have three kids and an extra arm would rock. I am sooo with you on the wipes!

nonmember avatar Susan

Time! Never enough hours in the day!

Great list!

Michelle Wallace Estrada

I buy toothbrushes in bulk and scour for free or super cheap deals because OMG she thinks they are chew toys... and she is Three - no ones toothbrush is safe. and apparently if you cover the toothbrush in toothpaste it becomes a minty lollypop with a refill capability... YUCK!

Tara Dukaczewicz

so true, I have no experience w/ elastics and such because I have boys. socks? how, how, how do they get lost all the time?

Patchouli Köber-Spice

Spoons a definite, but i've found that as the kids get older the lack of spoons seems to be replaced with the lack of forks why oh why lol

Erin Lester Fulmer

Tissues. As my daughter has the never-ending-daycare-cold, we may have used 10,000 tissues in the past five months!

Evin Cooper

Batteries! Every "cool" toy takes them, need them for the camera to take pics of the kids cuteness, flashlights, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, Wii remote thingies, everything takes AAs. I buy them literally in bulk. It's not cheap, either.

nonmember avatar Greta

Definitely wipes and socks--we always have a ton of wipes for everything, but we can never find enough socks, EVER! But also batteries, for all the baby gear, and binkies, because I think they go hang out with the socks in a special hiding place.

Kirsten Alexander

Wipes and socks! My daughter is now 7 and I am addicted to baby wipes! No idea how I managed 30+ years without them! And the socks...ugh! Aside from them disappearing in the laundry, I throw 2-3 pairs away almost every week! They come home so gross from school....that dirty sand you just can't get out!

nonmember avatar Anthony

How about time?

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