Octomom Christmas Card: Can You Guess What's Missing?

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OctoMom Christmas CardNadya Suleman has done it again. The Octomom posed for her family's holiday card in a low-cut tank top that left little to the imagination. But she offered up an alternate mystery for the rest of us. Where are all her kids?

On first view, I counted 10 9 (she has 14, remember?) and thought maybe it was a bad crop job. But a write-up of the card in US Weekly reveals she set up the shot as her plus 10 of her kids. I wouldn't want to be her in 20 years when the kids are pawing through piles of old photos.

For a woman who has cornered the market on bizarre, this just may take the cake. Could you explain to your kids how you picked and chose who was in and who was out? Sorry, Junior, your sister knows how to rock a Santa house. You looked more like an elf. Better luck next time kid!

A casual glance of the Christmas cards in my living room archway shows not one family who left any of their kids out of their holiday photos. A few left the parents out (which is what we usually do -- hello, my kid is much more photogenic than me, and I'm not too stupid to admit it), but the majority subscribe to the "more is more" school of holiday cards. Look, it's our dog! Look, it's our other dog! Look, it's our dog and our cat!

It's a minor snub to leave someone out, but in families, a snub is a snub. And this isn't just a silly Christmas card. It's yet another a sign of a mom who clearly has no idea of the psychological mark she's leaving on her children.

Setting aside the controversial way she ended up with so many children, the issue that's always rankled is how one woman can possibly find enough time to give 14 children their due. It would be hard if she had a partner in this to find the time. With no parental figure to share the burden of offering one-on-one time, I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's impossible to make every child feel like they're getting enough to go around.

The older children had their lives turned into a media circus. They lost their Mom to the constant care of eight little babies. One kid added to the mix can give your toddler nightmares, make them regress on potty training, and act out. Now imagine adding eight.

Nadya needs to be thinking about including her kids while she still has them around. Trying to wrangle 14 kids into a photo has to be hard, but people expect crazy cards at Christmas time. Do you think she realized what she was doing?

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RanaA... RanaAurora

That's just sad. :(

Fallaya Fallaya

Why don't you just leave that lady alone.

Echo Charmaine Fisk

I guess I need my eyes checked cause i only count 9 unless they are counting the horse?

Megara Megara

The first time I saw that photo I thought wait - why did she leave out some of her kids in favor of a horse?  And why is she wearing a cleavage-bearing tank top?

molly... mollymae09

I only saw 9. But why did she leave them out? It doesn't make sense.

Wasn't it just her and the octuplets last year too? And she was wearing a 'Santa baby' type dress....

IDK...Guess I just don't have much respect for her.

qrex912 qrex912

Yeah, I see nine. WTF?

jeann... jeannesager

Ha, guys I saw nine too, then read the US piece that said there are 10 there -- so I figured I was counting wrong. Writers don't count well :)

jalaz77 jalaz77

Her shirt is missing for one...

nonmember avatar Pickles

No, there's ten -- a UK site had this photo from another angle. The kid with the still-unrepaired cleft lip is hiding behind the big one on the right. And yeah, as usual, her top is missing.


wow.  She is not all there, is she?

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