Is Hooters Too Kid Friendly?


Oh, San Francisco. First they came for the Happy Meals. Now there's a battle over the McDonald's for the manchild: Hooters.

The SF chapter of the National Organization for Women has filed a complaint with the police department alleging that Hooters is an adult establishment that markets and sells to minors in violation of city laws. They point to high chairs, balloons, and kids' menus as evidence.

Jezebel points out this may be the first time ever that a feminist group has complained about a restaurant being too kid-friendly.

Before you dismiss this as the crazy hippies-by-the-Bay being busybodies again, consider NOW's point. Attorney Mona Lisa Wallace (cool name) says that in the many lawsuits the company has faced over their hot-girls-only hiring practices, the company has said it provides "vicarious sexual entertainment." But everywhere else they call themselves a family hangout. Check out this gem from the FAQs on their website:

Do I have to be a certain age to enter a Hooters restaurant? No, Hooters restaurants are family friendly and kids are often the stars of the show.

I have no idea what that means and I don't want to know.

Full disclosure: I have twice visited Hooters in my life, for reasons I won't get into, but rest assured my daughter was not with me. The service was great! I wish the kid who serves me at Applebee's (great, two dark confessions in the same paragraph) was that attentive. But the outfits, and the room itself, are not so much sleazy as tacky and embarrassing. You want to yell, "Hey ladies! The '80s called! They want their pantyhose and hiked-up shorts back!" Even the American Apparel-inspired '80s revival can't make Hooters shorts hotter. My local outlet has since been transformed into a vintage clothing store. You can sometimes see sad-eyed, lost men walking by and looking in, wondering where the ladies with the orange shorts went.

But sleazy, tacky, or just overly '80s, it's no place to take a toddler and no place to have a kid's birthday party no matter how much they love little burgers or big breasts. It's sad enough to hear your 3-year-old daughter declare she wants to be a cheerleader or a princess for a living, imagine if she declared she wanted to be a Hooters Girl? Still, you may want to stop in solo for some last-minute Christmas gifts for the tots like this:

Do you think Hooters is a family-friendly place? Be honest.


Image via SamsonLoo/Flickr

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momof... momof030404

No. Its not. I dont think hooters is a family resturaunt at all. And I go one step further and am not ok with my hubby going. Just like HE would NOT be happy if I frequented a place called Cocks ;)  The femnists are calling this one right. This place is just this side of a strip club and those girls behave very friendly to get the good tips they do....


No, I don't think it's a family-friendly restaurant. I don't see why people feel the need to bring their child(ren) to that place - for OBVIOUS reasons. Bash me if you want..but it's how I feel and I don't care if you don't feel the same way. I'm not a prude, either..I just don't think Hooters is appropriate for children.


Well said, momof030404!

Sashy86 Sashy86

I think the feminist are takeing it way to far!! i have a 2 yr old of my own and she will go there and eat burgers and wings and doesnt see anything wrong about the way they dress bc we dont point it out to be wrong. Everywhere you eat they have uniforms... you dont relize that at chucky cheese its a creepy man in the costume that loves to hug and touch your child do you? when you go to the zoo you dont point out when the moneys are haveing sex that that is wrong do you?... NO.. so quit trying to sue ppl of stupid bull SH!T.

starl... starlight1968

They are not saying they are a "family restr." they are just saying they are "friendly" because they have something for your kids if just have to bring them... bet they'd rather not cater to kids but then someone would just sue because 'to them it's just a restaurant and why can't they bring in the kids'..

not everybody is going to be happy either way it goes.....

Madel... MadelynMc

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and if you think Hooters is a horrible place, then don't go there. I personally don't have a problem with it, or my husband going there for that matter. It's a sports bar/grill type place. To equate Hooters with a strip club, to me, is absurd. That's a whole other ball game. It's not somewhere I would frequent with my child (or by myself), but if for some reason we ended up there with daughter in tow, I wouldn't see anything wrong with it. We're not big chain-restaurant eaters, I'll probably never have to make that judgement.

momof... momof030404

They only hires girls of a specific body type. Said girls wear as little clothing as possible as tightly as possible. They flirt, behave, and move suggestivly to increase their tips and are ecouraged too. Sure...GREAT place for kids and NOTHING like a strip club....

Sashy86 Sashy86

did you know they did that at every resturant... they flirt to get tips and to get bigger tips.. and the girls that work at other resturants wear as tight as clothes as they can!!!!!... and no one is saying its GREAT place for kids... but damnit if you dont like it dont go to the freakin place.. and if someones lil daughter loves the food and wants a b-day dinner there then damnit let her and HER family go and leave everyone else out of it!..

nonmember avatar Christine

I actually think the bib is kinda cute. When I was a teenager in youth group I know several of the guys headed for Hooters afterwards. Sometimes someone would bring Hooters wings to a church youth event and I gotta say the wings were good. There is a Hooters about ten minutes from me and my husband would be more embarrassed to go in there than I would. I even joked with him one year that I wanted him to buy me a Hooter's t-shirt just so he would go in the restaurant (he still would not go in). Since my 4 year old daughter is amazed at nipples at the moment (yes, nipples, not breast ~lol) I wonder what she would say in a Hooters??!!!LOL

ankle... anklebitr

What ever happened to the feminists that used to eat their babies?


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