Blossom & Extended Breastfeeding: Everyone Needs to Chill Out


mayim bialik breastfeedAnother voice in the extended breastfeeding discussion just got a whole lot more famous. Mayim Bialik, or Blossom, as she's affectionately known to us Generation Xers, has written a compelling essay on why she nurses her 2.5-year-old son. I have to say after all of these other super-extended breastfeeding stories, Bilaik's stance seems positively quaint.

Bialik is speaking out in support of breastfeeding her toddler, and also answering some frequently asked questions that might clear some things up for you if you're like, WTF, Blossom?

This smart lady also has a PhD in Neuroscience as well as being a certified lactation educator/counselor, so she knows that of which she speaks. Here's a fantastic wrap-up of what she says to her family when they're up in her business.

Am I a push-over? A weak mom who needs her son more than he needs her? Not at all. Am I letting my toddler run my life? No way. Am I spoiling him? There’s no evidence of that! Do I enjoy knowing that mothers who nurse longer have lower rates of breast, uterine, ovarian cancer and osteoporosis? Sure. Do I enjoy knowing that breastmilk contains antibiotic, anti-allergy, and anti-obesity properties? Yes. Is this why I do it? No. Those are neat facts, but the real reason we nurse this way, now, all night, all day, anywhere and anyhow, is because it’s not broken, so there is nothing to fix.

While I'm not a supporter of nursing your 6-year-old, I don't really see how nursing a 2, 2-and-a-half, or even a 3-year-old is all that dramatic. My personal icky line comes around 4 years, but hey, we all have our own feelings about extended breastfeeding and what makes us uncomfortable. And nobody is forcing us to breastfeed, much less into toddlerhood and beyond.

So if you're still pulling up your shirt for your toddler, you can point to Ms. Bialik's FAQs and say FU. Go, Blossom!

Does Blossom's essay change your mind about extended breastfeeding?


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ocmom... ocmommy2two

I nursed my first for just over 2 years. The "ick" factor kicked in for me at that time for whatever reason. I'm due with my second any day now, and if he wants to nurse for longer, then I will do that, as long as I feel up to it. I would rather see someone nursing a 5 year old, than someone giving their newborn formula just because they didn't want to breastfeed for whatever stupid reason.

Gahoona Gahoona

Go Blossom!

ankle... anklebitr

She's on 'The big bang theory' too, I think!

I like her answer!   My little is almost 2.5.  He nurses as much as he wants.  It really helps us both relax.  That can be helpful after his 2year old tantrums.  :D

Guggie Daly

Is four years the beginning of puberty now? What gives with the arbitrary line? Is it four years exactly? Four years and one day? ????

qrex912 qrex912

I was breastfed until I was four, because of extreme food allergies and illness, the breastmilk was just easier for me to digest, and it was easier for my mom to eat such a restricted diet than it would have been for me (and still get all the nutrients I needed). As a very sick child, really frail and whatnot, the skin to skin contact and bonding also worked wonders for my growth and development. It worked for our family, and it helped me grow stronger than I could have otherwise. My brother nursed until 18 months, while my other brother weaned himself at ten months. My older sister self-weaned at nine months I believe. I believe it is all about what works for the mother and the child. Its a completely personal decision. I think four and a half, five would probably be my latest cut off, just because the child would probably start to be a little socially awkward and stunted by this point, as they would be starting school and...I don't know, if me or the child would be comfortable with it at that point. But that's just me, I try not to judge people who go later. I know everyone has their own breastfeeding story, and people probably judged my mom harshly when I was four and still nursing, but obviously, we had our own very important (to us, at least) reasoning.

Nicole Beck

Like her Amy Farrah Fowler character, she is quite logical.

abbie... abbielynn84

I read (& loved) that blog posting a week or so ago. I JUST realized whose blog it was when I saw this link! Hah!

Megara Megara

Mayim is my new favorite celebrity mom!  I nursed my daughter to 30 months (although she had cut way down by that point, not nursing even half as often as Mayim's son in the article), and I will nurse my son until HE decides he's done.  I read that Jennifer Garner nursed Violet until she was 14 months.  I wish more celebrities would NIP and talk about nursing - it just might help to change how the general public views breastfeeding.

Mommy... Mommy2Mal

No, not really. But I'm not against EBF, so long as it's healthy. (For example, I was breastfed, but if I was still nursing, I think we can all agree, that would be more than a little weird)

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