Is Autism Cure for Real?

autism cureIn a major breakthrough in autism research, The Journal of the American Medical Association just published a paper that has discovered a cause of autism. One physician, Dr. Mark Hyman, writes about how he has already used this research to reverse autism in one of his patients, 6-year-old Jackson.

Pretty amazing, and hopefully productive in future cases of autism diagnosis and treatment.

The article describes the discovery as "... a profound and serious biological underpinning of autism -- an acquired loss of the ability to produce energy in the cells, damage to mitochondria (the energy factories in your cells), and an increase in oxidative stress."

Dr. Hyman explains that was also his finding when parents brought in 22-month-old Jackson, and that's how he treated the boy who is now a neuro-typical kid, as seen in this video.


Dr. Mark Hyman explains that while this information has been out there, it has been ignored by mainstream physicians. But his hope is that now that a major medical journal is touting the research as sound, more doctors will undergo the necessary testing when presented with a child with autistic traits.

Autism is a loaded topic, and everyone who has been touched by the diagnosis is excused for having a visceral reaction to this news; good or bad. We've seen bad science in the past when it comes to autism, and parents, especially, tend to go with their gut when it comes to talking about the health of their children.

In addition to the report in the Journal of the American Medical Association, after looking into Dr. Hyman's body of work, I'm leaning towards hopeful in this breaking news. The video of Jackson is also a charming visual that would reassure many a parent.

But I don't have a child on the spectrum, even though I do have a family member who resides there. So it's easy for me to get behind this new, exciting news and feel good about the possible outcomes for children and parents just hearing the diagnosis.

Parents of children on the spectrum, how does this make you feel?


Image via Beverly & Pack/Flickr

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